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Nana Prah - Character Interview and Review

Today, I have Nana Prah, my writer friend, talking about her book, Destiny Mine, the second in her Midwife to Destiny series books by Decadent Publishing's Ubuntu Line. She's given her character interview and I'm putting my review of her book at the end. She's also offering a great giveaway so enter the rafflecopter below!

Destiny Mine by +Nana Prah
Destiny series book 2
Published by +Decadent Publishing
Genre: contemporary, medical, multicultural romance

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Extraordinary midwife, Esi Darfour, is looking to get married.  She’s a master matchmaker but has no luck when it comes to her love life and has yet to find a man worthy of her. Until she has to deal with gorgeous Dr. Adam Quarshie outside of work.

Adam is a player who refuses to get married—ever.
His interest lies more in getting her into bed than in having any kind of committed relationship. Esi’s matchmaker instincts warn her to run in the other direction as quickly as possible, but her heart insists she stay…get closer…and see if what they feel for each other can change his mind.


Enjoy the following excerpt for Destiny Mine:

Her gaze travelled down his muscular body.
Unlike many of the other doctors who tended to gain a belly as they grew older and settled into the comforts of married life, Adam Quarshie could overshadow any man in his late twenties. His stomach had remained flat and his muscles strained against his yellow button-down shirt when he moved.

She took her time raking her gaze up his body and to his face. Her gasp of embarrassment stuck in her throat as her eyes met his.

Why did he have to have such an adorable grin?
God could’ve at least rotted his teeth to save the hearts of women all over Ghana.

“See something you like, Esi?”

She cleared her throat. “Yes, I do. Your shoes are nice. Where can I get a pair for my brother?”

He chuckled. “My shoes. Hmm. I got them on Oxford Street in Osu.”


He moved towards her, and she refused to step back as he crowded her. He smelled amazing, like he was fresh from a shower. She struggled not to move closer or inhale deeper.

“Or I could take you.” His voice came out soft yet had a distinct rumble.

Did the man not know how to be anything but seductive?

If she checked her pulse, she knew it would be way above the normal range. She snorted as she stepped around him and went to the patient’s bedside. “I’m going home. You did a great job.” She tilted her head to view the child’s face cradled in the new mother’s arms then smiled at the newborn’s mother. “You were able to gather the strength to push the baby out. You are a strong woman, Ama.”

The woman ducked her head. “Thank you.”

Esi turned to Adam, not bothering to hide her annoyance. “Are there any other patients you want to see?”

“I’ll come back to do ward rounds later. How about going to Osu?”

“I’d rather…rather….” Fatigue had blocked her brain. Later on in the day, long after it was too late, she’d think of any number of things she could have said to put him in his place.

He raised an eyebrow. Their perfect arch sat over slanted dark brown eyes. “You’d rather what?”

“Eat a live snail.”

He scrunched his face. “Disgusting. No Osu for you, then. Next time, I’ll ask to take you somewhere that won’t make you prefer eating something raw and slimy over hanging out with me.”

“No such place exists, Quarshie.” They walked, rather, she stalked while he strutted, down the hallway towards the nurse’s station.

“I’m sure there is somewhere, and one day I’m going to take you there.”

She didn’t bother to look at him. “In your dreams.”

He winked. “Always in my dreams.”

Her heart skipped a beat as Sade’s classic song “Smooth Operator” came to mind. She regarded him through narrowed eyes as he headed towards the door. His heartbreaking ways didn’t appeal to her at all. Everyone knew relationships weren’t his thing. She’d never even consider going out on a date with him. She knew too many casualties of his charm. The type of guy who would go to all sorts of lengths to get a woman on his radar. Once he caught and used her, he moved to the next one…or two. After having once dated a womanizer, she wouldn’t subject herself to that kind of man again.

No way. Not her. Never



Nana Prah is a multi-published author of contemporary, multicultural romance. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @NanaPrah
Facebook: Nana Prah, Author
Goodreads: Nana Prah
Google + :  NanaPrah 

Character interview of Dr. Adam Quarshie from Destiny Mine

The author interviews her yummy hero in the book.

Can I call you Adam or would you prefer the official Dr. Quarshie?
Adam will do. I’m not all that formal unless I’m at work.

Thanks. How are you today?
Chale, I’m beat. I had to do there emergency surgeries last night. One a Caesarean Section. All of the patients are alive and well thanks to me. Just kidding. Of course I have to acknowledge the wonderful hospital staff.

Sounds like a busy night. Why did you call me Charlie?
*Chuckle* Sorry about that. It slipped out. It’s pronounced Chaa-ley. A form of Pidgin English we use in Ghana. In place of the term buddy or pal, we say Chale.

I think I like it. Tell me how you met Esi.
We’ve worked at the same hospital for years so I’ve seen her around. It wasn’t until my best friend Jason got involved with her cousin, Ora, that I got to know her.

What’s that grin all about?
I remember the first time I first spoke to Ora, I asked her to introduce me to Esi. She refused, saying that Esi was too smart to fall for a player like me.

Wow. That sounds harsh.
I took no offense. What can I say? I like women.

Then how did this whole thing with Esi come about?
I did an obstetrics rotation. As you know she’s a midwife. Don’t tell her, but she’s one of the best I’ve ever encountered. She didn’t want anything to do with me, even though I knew she was attracted. I mean look at me, who wouldn’t be? But she fought it all the way. To be honest all I wanted was to sleep with her, and then things got all twisted on me.

The hunter got trapped?

I know you’re tired so I don’t want to keep you too long. Anything you’d like to say to my fans?
I’d like everyone to read my story. It’s the best romance that’s ever existed. How could it not be? I’m the hero. *wink* Seriously, though. I hope you enjoy what I had to go through to end up with Esi. It was worth it. She’s a ball buster on a good day, worse when she’s dealing with me.
Thank you for taking time out  to be  here.


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My Review

Destiny Mine is the second book in a series but I'm sure it could be read as a standalone. I've read the first book which I really enjoyed although I have to say I enjoyed this one even more. I loved the characters. Esi is bouncy, full of life but a strong determined woman who doesn't want to have her heart broken by player, Adam Quarshie (oh, I love that name!). Anyway, Quarshie really is a player. And he's a nice guy but he has this horrible fault - he doesn't want to commit to one woman the rest of his life. But somehow, the author manages to make me sympathise with him. I mostly don't go for the bad guys in books unless they have lots to redeem them and Quarshie does. And he's just so sexy, how could the reader not fall for him? This book is very sensual and there's plenty of sexual tension. There is also a depth in their physical relationship which makes it so much more respectful. I really enjoyed this love story. I enjoyed entering into the Ghana culture. I love the way they talk! It was fun learning more about the country and entering the world of midwives. This one didn't disappoint in that regard. All in all, a great read.

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It's Fall

For any of my friends or readers who live in the southern hemisphere, I'm sure you're aware that's it's fall already.

For the last ten years, I've lived in a part of Africa that experiences the four seasons. Africa is a largely tropical continent so it's not a common occurrence to go through them. Even when I lived in Durban, the warm Indian Ocean made it more like summer three-quarters of the year and a mild winter for a few months in the middle. Here, at the foothills of the mountains, although our summers are still long and very hot, we do have real fall and winter. The trees shed their leaves and many of them turn beautiful shades of orange, red and brown. The mornings are crisp, and toward the end of fall, we experience frost and need to bring out our warmer clothes. This year, it seems that summer is lingering long.

Last year during our spring and the northern hemisphere's fall, I joined a group of sweet romance authors to publish an anthology called Autumn's Kiss. I'm sure if you've been following my blog you will remember me talking about it. Anyway, to make the southern hemisphere readers happy, it's going on sale until the end of May for $0.99. And for those in the northern hemisphere who feel like reading it anyway, enjoy.

Here's an excerpt from my short story set right in my home town:

Seth spotted her from a distance, and she stood out from the crowd. For him, anyway. She epitomized the typical country girl with her soft mannerisms—the way she smiled sweetly at customers, bent down to talk to a child and supported an elderly lady with her walker. She took time to chat openly with each customer, never losing patience or looking harried. He made a beeline to her stall, pushing through the rows and rows of people in the dusty winter festival. Bodies of people he’d never met pressed against him, but he didn’t care.
The Newcastle Winter Festival came every fall when the trees turned fiery colors and fires burnt the grasslands of Northern KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He’d only lived there two years, but knew how much the town revolved around the occasion. He still couldn’t figure out why the festival was coined “The Winter Festival.” The weather had turned cooler, but the frosty mornings hadn’t set in yet. No, fall was in full force, turning the tree-lined Drakensberg road into a kaleidoscope while the days still blew warm.
“I make them myself,” the pretty lady said, handing a bar of soap in a gauzy, glittery bag toward a customer.
The older woman sniffed the cream bar dotted with green flecks. “Mmmh, smells like lemon grass.”
“That’s exactly it.” Her face lit up, making her eyes comets in a sky of ordinary stars, and dimples pressed at the base of full cheeks. Something stirred within him as he watched the exchange, and his whole body became alert. “Lemon grass and coconut oil. Great for your skin as the air turns dry this time of year.”
“How’s your husband?” the customer asked. “Away as usual?”
Could he have imagined the woman spoke of the pretty soap lady? The one he couldn’t help watching?
She merely kept her gaze turned down toward her wares. The table was laden with a variety of soaps, jars of creams, or so he presumed, and about a hundred bottles of apple sauce and chutney.
Then he spotted it on the pretty lady’s hand, on the ring finger—a huge stone the size of the Gibraltar rock. His heart sank and he turned away.
He should have known by the way she dressed. Top class—sleek cashmere sweater, hair salon-sculpted, classy make-up and hot-potato-in-the-mouth speech. The faded denims didn’t match though. He sighed and went back to his stall. Maybe a good thing, he realized, as he neared the stand. A group of people harassed his assistant, Bongani, and the man looked flustered.
“Just hand out the flyers, Bongi,” he said, patting the youth on the back.
“They’re asking lots of questions. Like do you fell trees, clean gutters, burn fire breaks?”
“What?” Burn fire breaks. Why would they think he did that?
“Okay, everyone,” he announced to his new audience, “one question at a time.”

Once everything had calmed down to a steady stream, he chanced a last glance at her. Strange, he’d never thought of her as the married-to-a-rich-guy type. She looked too sweet, too approachable and way too lonely.

You can buy the book here:

Barnes and Noble

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Libby Waterford and Sweet Imperfection

Welcome with me Libby Waterford, Decadent Publishing author of steamy contemporary romances, talking about her second book in the Weston University Series Novellas. She's giving away a $20 Amazon card too!

Sweet Imperfection by Libby Waterford
Available from Decadent Publishing  March 31, 2015

A contemporary multi-cultural erotic romance novella


Single and childless, Emma Chen-Delvaux is finding her ten-year college reunion almost more than she can handle. Running into recently divorced Nate Hirsch is a welcome distraction, especially when the old friends’ flirtation escalates from banter to the bedroom. Nate and Emma have off-the-charts chemistry, but will their imperfections end their affair after one red-hot reunion weekend?

Excerpt from Sweet Imperfection (18+)

She told herself a woman was entitled to change her mind and that going to Nate’s room close to midnight didn’t make her slutty. Some of the things she wanted to do to him once she got there might qualify her for the designation, but that would be between them. God, it had been so long since she’d had sex she was practically wet just thinking about making out with him.
She barreled into the building since the door was conveniently propped open, but then stopped. She didn’t know which room he was assigned to. She’d meant to get his phone number, but had been so flustered by the kiss it had slipped her mind.
Oh well, she’d have to do this the old-fashioned way.
“Nate!” she called in a fairly loud voice as she trailed through the first-floor hallway. “Nate!”
The hallway was dead quiet, so he was either ignoring her or the floor’s occupants were very sound sleepers. They were probably all at the party in Ashworth 10.
She climbed to the second floor, calling his name, feeling slightly foolish, but also pretty horny, which was more important.
A woman came out of the bathroom and looked startled when Emma rushed up to her.
“Hey, do know what room Nate Hirsch is in, by any chance?”
 “Um, no, sorry,” she said, then scurried back to her room on the opposite side of the hall.
Emma wasn’t giving up so easily and again called, “Nate!” She was about to climb the stairs to the top floor of the building when the door of the corner room opened and Nate stuck out his head.
“Nate.” She rushed up to him, relishing the confused but cute smile on his face and the crinkles it formed around his eyes.
“What’s going on?”
“I’m an idiot. I thought it would be taking things too fast, but we’ve known each other forever. Plus, there’s a rager going on right outside my room, and I’d rather get no sleep this way.” She planted an open-mouthed kiss on him that had them both stumbling backward into his room. The door clanged shut behind them; Emma paid no attention to anything except the fierceness with which Nate’s arms clamped around her, holding her to him as if for dear life.

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About the Author
Libby Waterford writes steamy contemporary romances. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons, where she works off her weekly pilgrimage to In-N-Out by swimming and climbing the city's secret staircases.

Author Links


The Weston University Novella Series

Book One: Passionate History

Giveaway (March 23 – April 3)

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What's Most Important in Life

Sometimes, I can be philosophical and think deeply about life. Life gets busy and we get caught up in the rat race, but every now and then, we feel this emptiness and wonder what it's all about.

I've been thinking lately. What is my real purpose in life?

Yeah, sure, I'm a writer. That's what I spend most of my time doing nowadays (except for mindless housework). My kids are bigger now and they do most of their school work independently. I also feel, in a way, that as I work hard on my writing and persist even when it's hard, I'm setting an example to them of hard work even when I don't see big results straight away.

But really, in the end of my life, am I going to be satisfied with just being a writer? As a Christian, no. That's not enough for me. I want to feel like I've changed the world - made it a better place, somehow.

On the weekend, we went to visit friends of ours who are starting an orphanage. They've been building for three years and have gone through many trials with getting approval and funding for their project. But now they have a house up which they live in that has three rooms with beds in for some orphans. They have a games room and dining room with fitted kitchen and a small room for a preschool. They even have some jungle gyms up. The place is rustic, but it's awesome! It's away from town in the middle of nowhere, but I know it's going to be full of life. I felt quite taken aback by the way they've laid down their lives for helping children who are born to less fortunate circumstances to what we or our children have been born to. They're not living in the easiest spot. I really respect their dedication and love. I chatted with my friend and told her, "I don't do anything for God." Yes, I used to be involved in mission work in Zambia (more education as opposed to mission.) And I did teach Sunday School for many years and even worked in a church, but of late, I've become so busy being a wife, Mom and writer, that I've had little time to impact my world. It kind of feels dry and lonely.

So, I've determined in my heart to impact my world in some way. Even if it's in small ways like loving other people, helping other authors, taking time to listen to a friend, giving them a small gift, anything. I also pray that God uses my books to touch people's lives in some way. Some of what I've learned about life comes out in my books and I hope that springs forth into someone's soul and they feel a measure of hope or anything good from my books.

Maybe one day, God will open the doors for me to do something really grand. Maybe not. But even if He doesn't, I'm going to try my best to do good with the small tasks I have every day.

I think that's a little bit what Alicia learnt in my book, A Better Promise. She had such grand ideas as a young person of what she was going to do for God. I know I did. I thought I was going to be a missionary or pastor's wife. I'm really glad I'm not either of those because they're not my gifting. But Alicia thought God had called her to be single and only concentrate on His work. God brought Braedon to show her He had other plans. Isn't love what it's all about? Whether it's love for our spouse, our kids, our friends, a stranger in the shop, that's the foundation of how we can impact our world. It's not about grand deeds (although they're good) but about doing the little things every day to make it a better world.

A Better Promise comes out tomorrow. You can purchase it at Decadent Publishing now or pre-order it on the other sites:

Decadent Publishing
Google Play

Opal from Videos by O designed a book trailer for me. Check it out here.

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Pre-release News

Phew, I've been a bit AWOL on my blog writing lately. But guess what that means? I'm upping my book word count, which is great news. I've had a breakthrough with a book that started off very difficult in the beginning - Book # 2 of The Album series. Pauline and Xaden are going to make for great sexual tension. There's nothing more fun than forcing two people together who don't want to be together yet are attracted to each other. Bound to have many sparks fly.

Anyway, that's not why I'm posting today. I'm just letting you know that my third book in The Creator Series is now available for pre-order. It's on special while on pre-order at only $0.99 which comes to $3.41 for us in South Africa (don't taxes and surcharges stink?) But really, that's only like R40 or so. Which for a book is nothing. Here says someone who often doesn't buy books because well, I don't always have the extra for luxuries. But I'd love a big fat Amazon voucher for my birthday coming up. *hint, hint*

Talking about my birthday, my book is releasing on my birthday this year. I was born on St. Paddy's day so lets think of green, four-leafed clovers, leprechauns.

Okay, seriously, I'm going off on way too many tangents. Seeing it's my birthday coming up, I'm feeling generous too. I'm going to gift someone a copy of Book 2 of The Creators series just for fun. So up until the 16th March, if you comment on this blog post, you get entered into the chance to win The Dance of the Firefly.

So here's to what I'm really posting about:

A Better Promise

When Braedon hires shy and serious Alicia as a secretary in his furniture business, he falls for her instantly. Alicia admires Braedon for his kindness and warms up to him despite her decision not to. There’s just one problem—Alicia has plans to enter the mission field and follow her vow to remain single the rest of her life. When she takes up an offer to help teach the Basotho teenagers in Lesotho, things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Braedon soon gets wind of her troubles and joins her. But will Alicia open her heart to love or hold fast to her childhood pledge?

An Excerpt:

Braedon smiled. “Have you had anyone special in your life?” he asked.
Alicia’s face burned, and she turned her eyes away from his gaze. Braedon was the most forward and open man she’d ever met, and he made her feel like she lived in a foreign land with strange people, having to adapt to strange customs. She braced herself.
“As a teenager, I wasn’t into boyfriends and guys like the other girls—I studied my Bible and distant countries because I believed God had called me to something special. When I reached twelve, I made a vow to the Lord to remain single so I wouldn’t be distracted from my work for him. I didn’t want to be bogged down with duties at home and with children. I have so far stuck to my vow.”
Braedon kept silent, and she suspected he despised her for her radical views. Everyone had. That’s why she didn’t talk about them anymore. Safer to keep them to herself. She daren’t look at him, in case she found the disdain in his eyes.
He spoke, his voice clear. “Kirsty was the only true love in my life, and I lost her because I feared telling her about my true self. I’ll never make that mistake again. It’s always good to be upfront with people. Well done for being honest with me and telling me such a private thing—I know you found it difficult. You were very brave to tell me that.”
Alicia nodded and offered him a small smile. He seemed to reassure her in any way he could, turning any negative into a positive, if he had a chance. He also had the uncanny ability to get things out of her she preferred to keep trapped inside.
The room seemed to close in on her. The feelings for Braedon were magnifying with every moment she spent with him. She shouldn’t have turned back and come to him when he asked. She should have made some other excuse about having to get back to her work. Learning about him hadn’t helped. Kirsty was a crazy chick. Why had she given up on Braedon and not given him a chance? If she were free to date him, she would have given him a second chance. She couldn’t date him though because she’d bound herself to a promise.
Braedon reached out to touch her hand resting on the desk. To her greatest relief, the doorbell rang, and she sprang up to meet the customer before he made any contact with her skin. 

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The Winners

Well, we have some winners of the blog hop.

Here they are:

$20 Amazon card - Galinda Barefoot 
Dragonfly Moments and Dead of the Night - Christy Dunkin
Taking Pleasure Seriously and Broken Destiny - Amy Bowens
Harcourt's Mountain and Brent's Law - Sumi Singh

Congrats and thank you for taking part. You will be contacted shortly by the authors. I'll send Galinda the card as soon as possible.

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Valentine Blog Hop 2015 with Giveaway

For Valentine's Day this year, a group of South African romance writers have gotten together to share about our books and about love. Our theme is finding love in unexpected places.

Have you ever found love in an unexpected place?

I couldn't really say that I found love in an unexpected place. At the time I met my husband, I was very involved in the contemporary church scene. Most, if not all the people I hung around with, belonged to the church. And that's where I met Kevin. We both noticed each other along the same aisle, and one time, we had to hold hands for prayer and I was sitting next to him. Kind of enjoyed that moment. He really did do something unexpected - he offered me a lift and pretty much didn't let me go after that even when I made things really difficult for him.

In my new release which comes out tomorrow, Cameron and Rowena find love in unexpected places. Or could I say at a seemingly inopportune time. Cameron is still grieving his late wife. He's working in Zambia on a short work contract. He's certainly not looking for love, but when he watches his daughter's ballet teacher dance, something stirs in his soul. She's beautiful just like his late ballerina wife, but in a different way - in a raw, real, emotional way.

Rowena's certainly not looking for love. Specially in the father who criticizes her for shouting at his difficult daughter who's her most difficult student. When she finds out that Jamey doesn't have a mom, compassion fills her. A bond soon forms between the young child and her teacher - more than just a teacherly bond. Cameron sees the way Rowena is with his daughter and wants to run a mile. He's worried his daughter's going to have her heart broken when he leaves Zambia soon.

Here's a quick snippet from the book. To keep to the Valentine's theme, I've put in an excerpt of the first kiss:

“You disappeared.” Rowena stood there dripping, goose bumps on her arms. Her lips were tinged blue, but her eyes shone. Water dripped off her nose, and for a moment, he wished to kiss her but held back.
“I couldn’t stand here watching you having fun like a real stick-in-the-mud.”
“Daddy, Daddy, it’s such fun. It gets really fast near the end, and the water sprays up all over your face, and you think you’re going to flip onto your stomach as the last few bends are very windy. But it’s so cool. Let’s go.”
They all walked up the steep path to the ride, and a few butterflies fluttered in his stomach. Okay, he’d been quite adventurous when younger, but it had been years since he’d done anything physical like this, where he lost control of his senses and movements. Rowena was used to physical challenges being a dancer. Don’t be such a wuss.
Once he’d stepped into the rushing water after Jamey, the ride took over, and he yelled as he dipped and swayed. Rowena laughed in response. The cold water spiked his heartbeat. I haven’t had so much fun in years.
Once in the pool, he waded up to them. “How awesome.”
“Want to go again, Daddy?”
“Of course.”
Up they went again. They took the ride ten times before Cameron began to feel exhausted. He wasn’t young like Jamey, nor fit like Rowena.
“I’ll wait here for you. You both go ahead,” he said.
“You sure?”
“I’m pooped. We’d better start heading home soon as it’s getting quite cool and there’s a bit of a drive.”
“Aah,” Jamey said.
“We could come another time,” he added.
“Could we? This was the funnest day I’ve ever had.”
He laughed and squeezed her cheek. Rowena smiled at him, her gentle eyes alight with goodness. He took in her clear complexion, the light brown flecks in her eyes. Her mouth was full, pink, and ripe to be touched. He moved forward to kiss her, ignoring the consequences. She pulled away slightly, but he grabbed her by the waist and gently tugged her toward him. Finding her beautiful mouth, he pressed his lightly against it and breathed in her scent mixed with water and sun cream. Her lips were gloriously soft and pliable, and her form against him brought long-lost sensations back to life. For a moment, she responded and kissed him back then Jamey shouted.
“What you doing, Daddy? Aren’t we going on a ride?”
The spell broke. He pulled away, the implications of what he’d done crashing down on his head. He glanced at Rowena, but she’d already turned away and followed Jamey up the path. What had he done? What did Jamey think? Would Rowena back off now? She was his daughter’s ballet teacher. Since when had he been overcome with such impulsiveness? Even with Samantha, it had taken months before he’d made a move on her, all the while wondering if such a stunning creature would ever go for him. With Rowena, he hadn’t had time to think. The compulsion to kiss her, to feel her, and connect with her had been overpowering.
He sank back into the water and ducked his head under, hoping to hide his embarrassment. Good thing the pool had emptied by the late hour. Maybe not good, because he couldn’t hide in a crowd. Holding his breath, he swam through the shallow water, touching the bottom with his fingertips. He had to pretend nothing had happened, pretend this new longing inside of him didn’t exist. Their relationship wouldn’t work. He’d end up hurting her, and she couldn’t suffer another pain now, with the recent loss of her mother. He could tell the woman had been deeply attached to her mom. His body shook with the cold, so he resurfaced. The sun had gone behind a cloud. Time to go home. Time to get on with life and forget the fun of today, the escape from all the burdens he’d experienced, for the first time in over a year.
Time to be a real man and take responsibility.
Annoyingly though, he could still taste her, and her scent seemed to be glued to the inside of his nose.

You can buy The Dance of the Firefly here:

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To take part in the giveaway and win some awesome prizes, you can comment below or on any of the other blogs for the hop. (Please don't forget to put in your email address so we can contact you if you win.) I'm giving away book 1 of The Creators. The Dance of the Firefly is Book 2. Here are the prizes:

A grand prize of a $20 Amazon Gift Card
An ebook copy of Dragonfly Moments by Kathy Bosman (Kindle or PDF) - contemporary romance
An ebook copy of Brent's Law (Kindle, epub or PDF) by Ylette Pearson - erotic romance
An ebook copy of Taking Pleasure Seriously by AngelĂ© Wells and Phoenix Kelly (epub or PDF) - erotic romance
Signed copy of The Broken Destiny (South Africa only) by Carlyle Labuschagne - science fiction romance
An ebook of Dead of Night by Carylyle Labuschagne - science fiction romance
An ebook of Harcourt's Mountain by Elaine Dodge - historical romance.

The prize winners will be announced on our blogs on the 15th and on Facebook.

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