Thursday, April 27, 2017


Every now and then, I like to post something personal in my blog just because writing is cathartic to me. So, here goes:

Being single at 46 poses quite a challenge. I certainly feel more fulfilled having someone in my life, so I've embarked on a new adventure - dating.

Even though it's only been a few months, I've already experienced quite an array of strange characters and situations. Because I work from home, online dating looks like the most immediate option, but I've come to the conclusion it's not easy because you really don't know what you're dealing with. And first dates are as scary as job interviews!! These are a couple of the crazy people I've met:

1. A man who told me we were fated together and after a few weeks, asks me for my bank account details. (Good thing I didn't take his flattery very seriously.)

2. A man who confessed to being married, but still "wanted to have fun." When I asked him what his wife would think, he said, "she does the same."

3. Another one who asked for a naked pic before we'd even met. Sigh...

4. Several from overseas who insisted that they visit my country sometimes and may be able to see me. (Really?) And I expressly said on my profile - only those who live in my city. Don't they read the fine print?

5. I saw a message today from a man who said, "Hi, Madam..., I'd like to be your friend." 

Today, I saw this really cute video which epitomizes the helpless feeling sometimes - the "when am I going to find this person who ticks all my boxes?" If you have time, you will love this:

I went on another date today and came home really confused. I mean, he was nice in so many ways - he even thinks like me in several very important aspects, but I just didn't like him. Like, what's wrong with me? He's a good man, or so it seems. And apparently, according to what I've heard, the good men at my age are usually taken already. So, don't pass him up, I've been told.

Sometimes when we feel really down, God / the universe (or whatever you believe) gives us a clear message. Today, I got the same message twice in a different form. The first one was "effortless" -letting things just flow naturally. I've been trying way too hard. The second one was "surrender" - that if we hold onto something or want something so badly, we make it worse. We must just let go and let God.

I'm actually fascinated by the fact that the book I'm writing at the moment is about a woman who thinks she has to settle for the good guy because he seems just right (in theory) and the one she really wants seems bad for her. Little does she realise (until later on in the book) that the man she can't resist actually does have a heart of gold. 

Here's a little excerpt from Cat Therapy:

He covered her cheeks with his palms and pressed his lips to hers. She felt the touch of his clean-shaven cheek. His mouth was smooth and soft, and he deepened the kiss. She waited for it—the fireworks, the undeniable pull, the irresistible lust that she’d experienced with Jeff. Nothing. He kissed longer and sought her tongue. Reluctantly she gave hers. As their tongues touched, she felt a twinge of something light up within her so she tucked up closer to him. He took that as an invitation to wrap her into an embrace. It felt comforting, nice actually. Just what she needed—safe and nice. Then he pulled away. She gave a shy smile.
“Good-night, Cherry.”
With an awkward stoop of his shoulders, he walked away and got into his car, not before offering a small wave and sheepish grin. Cherry waved back and slipped inside, locking the door behind her. Maisy waited for her at the door. She picked up the cat and snuggled her against her cheek. The feline sniffed her mouth, making her giggle. “Ah, so you can scent a man on me.”
Maisy purred. “Do you think he’s a good man?”

She answered with a small mew. If only cats could give life-altering advice. Suppose she had time. No rush for the feelings to arrive. They would in time. Seb seemed like the perfect man. Everything he’d told her today matched up with her criteria for the love of her life. Maybe the hurt from the past was holding her back from giving her all. If she learned to trust, she would eventually open up to his love, like the lotus flower.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Snuggle in with Sweet Romance

When it’s chilly outside, Snuggle In with Sweet Romance!

No matter where you are in the world, be it autumn breezes in the southern hemisphere or spring rains in the north, the weather these days is unpredictable, often chilly and wet.
How do you get comfortable on those cold and rainy days? You might curl up with a good book, a hot chocolate, and a nice warm blanket to snuggle under. What good book can I recommend?

The AUTUMN’S KISS anthology presents a variety of stories by sweet romance authors from around the globe and gives you an opportunity to discover some new favorites.
While romance readers in the southern hemisphere are enjoying autumn, 6 authors from the AUTUMN’S KISS anthology have teamed up to share recipes for their favorite comfort foods and invite you to share in the bounty!
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My Comfort Food Recipe for Snuggling Up - I hope you enjoy!

Just the other day, a cold spell hit us. Yes, that's pretty relative where I live. I've just moved down to the coast where we enjoy a warm, subtropical climate, so cold is really cool. But it still gets the hunger bugs churning in the tummies. I was craving cream of tomato soup - the homemade kind, not the store-bought, synthetic kind. So, I found and adapted a recipe to make and it turned out delicious! What I liked about the recipe is that it didn't take hours to prepare so I could satisfy my craving pretty quickly.

Homemade Cream of Tomato Soup


2 carrots, chopped
Half a yellow onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped and crushed
1½ tablespoons tomato paste
1 tablespoon flour
2 teaspoons sugar (optional - it just cuts the sharp, acidic taste)
3 cups chicken broth (more to thin out the soup at the end as needed)
½ teaspoon dried thyme
Salt and pepper to taste
1 28-ounce can whole tomatoes (I used about 7 fresh ones and blanched and pealed them)
½ cup cream


Fry the carrots, onion, and garlic in the pan for 5-10 minutes until the vegetables are tender.

Add the tomato paste - stir for a few minutes until you can see/smell the tomato paste starting to brown and caramelize. Add the flour and stir for a minute or so.

Puree the tomatoes. Add the broth, thyme, salt and pepper, and tomatoes to the soup pot. Simmer for 30 minutes. Puree in batches and return to the pot. Add cream and reheat. Serve with buttered toast fingers.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spotlight on Cathy Padilla's A Taste for Love

Today, I want to welcome fellow Clean Reads author, Cathy Padilla, to my blog. She's talking about her sweet romance, A Taste for Love.

A Taste for Love

A Clean Romance, by Cathy Padilla

Sarah Texmara runs The Club, an upscale country club at the Jersey Shore, with the same planned determination she guards her wounded heart. Having made the decision to avoid love at all cost, she finds herself blackmailed into an engagement to save her father and the very thing he has valued more than her mother's love – the family land that houses the country club. At the moment she finally resigns herself to her fate Sarah is caught off guard by the dashingly handsome Luke Patterson. Sarah needs to choose between her own desires or protecting a long covered family scandal, all while learning that love is sometimes worth the risk.

Luke Patterson is a skilled investigator with his own secret to protect. What started as a favor for a family-friend turns into a race against the clock to save the woman he loves from sacrificing her existence to a man seeking to destroy her family's legacy and possess her inheritance. He can keep her from danger, he has captured her desire, but will he be able to help her overcome her fear of true love?

Can Sarah and Luke find the answers to their needs together?

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You can connect with Cathy here:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lea Bronson's Dark Romantic Suspense

Today, I want to welcome Lea Bronsen to my blog. 
She's talking about her thriller/romance. It looks gripping.

Fiery 10-16 is a scorching firefighter story of desire, abuse, and bravery.


Runo Wiggins is a scarred man, the wounds etched into his psyche deeper than those on his skin. But he loves his job: fighting fires helps reenact his survival of a house fire as a teen, one that killed his mother and brutal stepfather.

Dawn Caravello is married to a psychotic drunk. She can take his beatings as long as he doesn't touch their children, and she'll do anything to put food on the table, even if it means stealing from the town hero.

When Runo meets the fiery Dawn, sparks fly. But he suspects she is victim of the same abuse as his mother was. As day turns to night, the past and the present blend in an exhausting, nerve-wrecking chase to prevent another death.


Dawn's eyes shimmered with a mix of stubborn pride and extreme sadness. They seemed to be made of molten brown stone. Runo had never seen eyes like these. So vibrant, saying so many things. They revealed her life, her endurance, her dreams, her combats, her despair. And she was still so young.

While he stared, she leaned forward and kissed him, an act a whole lot more intimate than he was comfortable with. A short, hard peck, a statement. Not the tender gesture a kiss was supposed to be, but one telling him her gratitude as well as her dignity. She thanked him, but was going to go back to her life and continue fighting.

He stood shocked, his whole body rigid, didn’t know what to do. She, such a small woman thing a whole head shorter, shook him, a giant of muscle and stupid testosterones inside a hard shell.

He would definitely take care of Dawn and her kids. Any way possible. Alert the authorities and make sure they got the protection they desperately needed.

She stepped backward, her features softening, and turned on her heel.

Not so fast.

He cleared his throat and called, lifting a weak hand. “Hey, wait!” His heart hammered in his chest, blood pulsed in his ears.

She turned. “What?”

“Promise to be good. Promise it’s the last time you do it.”

“Do what?” Her eyes gleamed with humor. “Kiss you?” In the midst of this emotional turmoil, she found the strength to tease.


And lie.

She pursed her lips, looking like a disappointed little girl. Maybe she still was a child inside. A child taking care of children. A child beaten savagely.

He swallowed. “Promise.”

After several long seconds, she nodded. But her gaze told a different truth.



Add the book to your Goodreads list!

About Lea Bronsen:


I like my reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and erotic dark/contemporary romance.

I love to hear from my readers! Write to or meet me on:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Highly Sensitive People

I discovered something about myself today and it's made so many things fall into place. I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP). Yes, there actually is such a thing. 

In my fantasy novel, Angeline 43, Essa says that she can't bear to go to nightclubs because she gets sensory overload. At the time of writing it, I didn't even know about the HSP theory. It certainly matches my character. Here's a short excerpt about it:

The cab driver knew the place, which made me feel a little
uneasy. It was next to a well-known restaurant/nightclub, just my
favorite place to visit in the middle of the night. I had no choice.
After paying him an exorbitant fare, I entered the building, bracing
myself for sleaze, or just plain intimidation, although the outside
looked pretty neat and not covered in graffiti and peeling paint. But
I’d have to deal with glares of disapproval. I’d never been one to
dress up to the nines. Neither did I fit well in an alcohol and
smoke-infused environment due to my sensory issues. The smells
overpowered me—and the high noise levels when people were
intoxicated and fancy-free—something I’d never experienced.

Anyway, several of the following things are signs that I'm an HSP:

1. I don't like loud noises. We've moved next to a highway and I'm struggling to cut off to the noise. I used to hate discos when I grew up with the flashing lights and loud music.
2. I feel pain more than others. When the physiotherapist put some funny machine on me which vibrates and tingles on your skin (don't ask me the name), she had to set it so low because it hurt. 
3. I was often called too sensitive as a child and have been since by loved ones.
4. I feel the emotions / moods of others very intensely.
5. I need time to myself after a very busy day - I've even hidden in the bathroom before. :)
6. I don't handle caffeine or alcohol well.

HSP's are usually very creative / caring people. We have special talents but we also have challenges and are often misunderstood as difficult and hard to handle. Are you an HSP or do you have a child / spouse / sibling who is one?

You can take this test to find out. I scored a whopping 24!

I'd love to see the movie.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's Out!

My fantasy novel is now out.

I've been so busy with setting up my new home as I've moved to Durban near the coast. Can you believe that we still haven't visited the sea yet? We'll get there.

Anyway, my book came out yesterday but I was out the whole day sorting out problems with our internet for the new home and buying stuff, editing (which is my day job), then I had family visiting in the evening. So, here it is:

Angeline 43

An Urban Fantasy

Kathy Bosman

The Greatest Power Comes from the Greatest Pain


Essa sprouts wings on her back whenever she suffers the deepest grief. The love of her life has just left her without a solid reason. She’s flung into the depths of sorrow, unable to deal with her grief and the added stress of wings on her back which only she can see. She has to get out her apartment so she takes a walk along the streets of Boston at night.
To her surprise, her wings come to life when she finds herself fighting against an evil spirit set on destroying a man’s life. By pure instinct and a special light within her, she saves his life and is flung into a whole new world. Suddenly, she’s an angeline, a hybrid human/angel, and she’s part of a team of warriors who need to save the city of Boston. And they’re all depending on her, as she’s the only one with wings.
But is Essa ready for the evil that awaits her? And can she really fight a battle when her heart is filled with pain?


“We’re all angelines.”
None of them had wings. Was this some type of joke?
“I don’t understand.” I felt a strong surge of anger for no reason. Well, there must have been a reason. Maybe I hated that none of them had wings. It galled me that they didn’t feel the pain that sat in the center of my gut with every step I took.
“Our wings are in remission.”
Was this a type of cancer? Remission? Maybe they’d gotten over their grieving period like I did after a while. Still, what exactly did they mean? “Get to the point,” I said.
“Look, I can understand your anger. There’s a lot to take in.”
Tahullah moved away from behind the desk and came to me. She held out her hand for me to take. I stared at it. I didn’t like affection from women. It didn’t feel right. Especially seeing my mom had been affectionate but then left without even a goodbye. I looked into her eyes. The brilliant blue sparkled with tears. “You’re hurting,” she added. “We’ve all been there.”
I looked at Skythe and Cornelia. Their faces showed kindness, even Cornelia’s. I didn’t even bother to glance at Golde as I could feel the hatred coming off him in waves.
“There are about ten of us in the States. The four of us are in Boston at the moment because there’s a lot of spiritual activity here.” She shook her head and looked away. Skythe fingered his sword. I sensed the seriousness of the situation, but I needed more personal answers before I asked what she meant by spiritual activity.
“What’s an angeline?”

“We’re hybrid,” Tahullah said. “Half angel, half human.”

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spotlight on Debut Novel by Jessica Kreger

Today, I want to welcome fellow Clean Reads author, Jessica Kreger, who is sharing her brand new novel, Fit to Love. It's such a sweet, wholesome love story.

Fit to Love

Sweet Contemporary Romance


Jessica Rachel Kreger


Debut author Jessica Rachel Kreger tells a heartwarming tale of a woman whose struggle for fitness leads her into the studio of an irresistible trainer who needs her more than she knows…

After her mother’s tragic death from diabetes, mousy Daisy Day embarks on her own life-saving mission to lose a hundred and fifty pounds. Handsome personal trainer and Army veteran, Eric Anderson, seems like the answer to her prayers, but he’s way out of her league…not to mention taken by a picture-perfect model almost half her age.

When Daisy lends her marketing acumen to launch Eric’s personal training business and helps him overcome his grief from losing his brother in Afghanistan, he realizes he has more in common with her than his own girlfriend. Yet when the hours of training pay off, and Daisy is transformed into a head-turning beauty, he’s not the only man to notice.

Daisy Day is fit to love and she’s already fallen for Eric… but with his now ex-girlfriend chasing after him, and another man in Daisy’s arms, is it too late for him to catch her?


It’s now or never, Daisy Day vowed, easing her naked body onto the cracked scale in the bathroom of her Miami Beach apartment. The numbers flashed 272. She inched her toes off the machine and tried again, but the battery sputtered off. Throwing the old thing in the trash, she let a chuckle escape. Good riddance, she thought. Time for new beginnings.
Moving into her bedroom, she fished out the navy sweat suit from the bottom of the closet. Stepping into an outfit as bland as yesterday’s leftovers, she sucked in her stomach and wormed into the pants. A tiny hem broke when she squeezed the matching shirt over her shoulders.
Throwing on a pair of nurse-white sneakers she had never worn, she rushed to her apartment’s entranceway and snatched her keys from their hook.
Grabbing her driver’s license on the way out, she blinked back warm tears, seeing her mother’s round dimpled face, mousy brown hair, and brown eyes speckled with green reflected in her own picture. She slammed the front door behind her before she had time to lose her nerve.
Her little blue sedan sunk with her weight as she eased herself in. She started the car, her palms moist, remembering holding her mother’s hand on her deathbed, promising she would get in shape and not meet the same fate as her mother and grandmother before.
Clutching the steering wheel, she silently prayed, Lord, help me lose the weight. I’m too young to die at thirty-eight. Please let me see my fortieth birthday. Don’t let me give up again. Be my rock.
The address for Eric Anderson, the personal trainer her mother’s nurse had recommended, was in Coconut Grove. Tourists flocked to the shaded, suburban community for its artist colony roots, lush vegetation and parks, wild peacocks, and as of late, its exclusive spas. But instead of the posh drive she expected, she found herself winding down a narrow residential road and pulling up to its most modest ranch home.
“You have arrived,” her GPS announced, but Daisy wondered if she stopped in the right driveway. She killed the ignition, but another fire ignited in her belly when she stepped out of the car.
She recognized the bona fide hunk shooting hoops in his driveway from the picture on his website. She knew he was about her age from reading his bio, but that’s where the similarities ended.
A foot taller than Daisy, Eric had sandy-blond hair and sky-blue eyes set off by a glowing, rosy complexion. Sculpted muscles jutted out symmetrically from each arm as if he were a classical sculpture. When he jumped up for a basket, she could see hints of his six pack—a toned stomach he must have attained through hours of sweat—peek out from underneath an orange-and-green Miami Hurricanes T-shirt.
Please don’t let him take one look and laugh at me, Daisy prayed.
But when she beeped her car alarm, he put his basketball down and faced her with eyes that gleamed with kindness.
Hiding her trembling fingers behind her back, she followed him into his garage studio. She wasn’t sure she could find her voice but, as luck had it, this strong, silent type didn’t speak right away.
Inside his garage, she took a closer look at this man, who from afar seemed to be the polished image of perfection. A few days’ worth of uneven stubble prickled from his tanned cheeks.
He looks like a Norse god who needs a shave, she thought and then giggled at her own silliness before noticing a small faded scar on his arm. Even Norse gods could scar.
“Eric Anderson,” he said, ignoring her laughter and extending a firm hand.
As he reached toward her, Daisy inhaled faint hints of his subtle cologne—an alluring woodsy musk with a mix of spices. Much better smelling here than any other gym, she thought.

Clearing her throat and steadying her hands, she returned his solid grasp. A spark of static electricity flew from the tips of her fingers to the top of her shoulders when he shook her hand. “Daisy Day.”

Author Bio:

Jessica Rachel Kreger’s love of fitness, Florida, and respect for military veterans like her father spawned the idea for her first novel. While working as the research communications director at the University of Miami’s medical school, Jessica learned about our country’s obesity epidemic, and came up with the plot for Fit to Love.

At an early age, Jessica developed a passion for reading from her mother, and continues to find inspiration in her family, friends, and faith. When not writing, Jessica enjoys hitting the gym, snorkeling the South Florida waters, and predicting what is going to happen on her favorite TV shows.

A member of the Romance Writers of America and the South Florida Romance Writers, she has over seventeen years of experience as a professional writer, and earned a B.A. in English from Penn State University and an M.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Falling in love with your personal trainer? #sweetromance #CleanReads #JessicaRKreger #fittolove

Will a daughter’s promise to her dying mother lead her to everlasting love? #sweetromance #CleanReads #JessicaRKreger #fittolove