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What Inspired His Halloween Kisses

People have asked me whether I'll ever write a biography. I've always said my life is too boring for that. But come to think of it, I have had a few adventures. I suppose everyone's life is dotted with adventures here and there and the mundane in other places. Talk about the mundane, I love this: The Mundane Goddess

Anyway, typical me, I do get off topic way too easily, but today I want to share what inspired the opening scene in my Halloween novella, His Halloween Kisses, which should be coming out close to 31st October this year.

Ali is a young single, starting off in life. She lives with her room-mates and tries to make a bit of extra cash house-sitting for people. On Halloween night, it's blowing gusts outside and the lights go off in the house where she's staying all by herself. Strange noises and sensations send her senses and fears into overdrive. She calls her brother but his friend answers the phone. He comes to her rescue and kisses her in the dark! The kisses they share blow them both away, and thus begins a rather tumultuous relationship between Byron and Ali.

When I was a young adult living with three friends, I used to house-sit sometimes. Usually I accompanied my one friend, but once I did it on my own. A stupid decision. The house was set off a main road in a not-so-cool area of Durban at the time. The owners of the house even told me that the neighbour was a bit weird and creepy, and that I must stay away from him. Once alone at night there after work, I felt rather frightened, as you can imagine. The one night, there were many funny sounds. The house truly did seem "haunted." I use to move a heavy couch in front of my bedroom door at night just like Ali did in the story.

Anyway, my boyfriend at the time (who is actually now my husband) came to visit me there the one night. We kissed and wow, were those kisses atomic! I'd say they were one of the best I had while dating. Fuelled by fear??

So, the opening scene in His Halloween Kisses was partly inspired by true events.

I never house-sat alone again after that!

Here is an updated trailer of my book: His Halloween Kisses

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cover Reveal - My Halloween Novella

The cover for my Halloween Novella has arrived and it's GORGEOUS! AMAZING! FANTASTIC!

Here it is:

I love the colours and the atmosphere! And the little black cat sitting on the writing.

It was hard to write a Halloween book. Being a Christian, Halloween is considered by many of my faith as evil and not something we should ever celebrate. It hasn't really taken off in my country, especially the trick or treat side of it because of the crime factor, but it's becoming more popular. I've actually done a fair amount of research on the origins of Halloween and personally believe it has no evil origins. It may be used for evil purposes. I stand to be corrected though. I just like the festive feeling of having a day to dress up or make goodies, etc. I see the fun aspect of going scary - it actually helps us to deal with scary and fearful things in a way. So, no, as a Christian, I'm not anti-halloween but I don't go for witchcraft and Satanism, those types of things. I personally believe though that as Christians, we should be open to other people's beliefs. I respect those who think it's wrong but I also hope they respect me and accept that I don't see anything wrong with taking a day out of the year to celebrate and have fun in a "scary" way.

Anyway, here is the blurb of my novella. It's a fun, short read with a more young adulty feel than my other books.


Ali’s never been so scared. She’s housesitting for a colleague on Halloween night, but the lights have gone out, and terrible noises and crashes send her imagination into overdrive. When her brother’s friend comes to her rescue, he kisses her in the dark several times. Once back in the light, Ali is embarrassed at allowing him to kiss her. Byron tries to ignore his strong attraction for Ali, especially seeing he’s not ready for a relationship. When Ali finds out why, she runs away, but life has other plans. What can bring them together? Fate, faith, or the memory of his Halloween kisses?

I'm not going to post an excerpt yet as it's still in the editing phase. Should be up fairly soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Spotlight Shea Ford

I'd like to welcome fellow Astraea Press writer Shea Ford to my blog today. She's talking about her brand-new release - The Stone of Kings. I'm going to give away a secret. I've read the book and I'm not lying, it was amazing! It had so many good things to it. You wouldn't be disappointed. Beautifully written, full of juicy historical info, set in Ireland (my daughter's favourite place in the world), and filled with real characters and a gripping plot.

Over to you, Shea...

Thanks so much, Kathy, for hosting me today! I’m thrilled to introduce The Stone of Kings to everyone! I’m one of those quirky folks who actually like to write research papers. After I finished college, I would get cravings to be assigned a research project. TSOK is a blending of my love of research and history with my love of fiction. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much I did writing it.

Tagline: Just open the book...


Twelve year old Ardan is hopelessly distracted because he wants to meet a real faerie. But when he gets his hands on a mysterious red book loaded with faerie spells and accidentally sends himself three hundred years into Ireland’s future, he soon learns that there are more important things on which to focus his attention. Throw in some immortal druids, fun storytelling, a touch of forbidden romance, along with the music and antics of the legendary Irish harper, Turlough O’Carolan, and you’ll become swept up in a very real Irish mythological adventure.


Abandoning his work as he was so prone to do when he got excited about something, Ardan led Thomas into the library, but not before doing the forbidden—he opened its closed door.

Once inside the room, both of them forgot about looking for a story book. On Bresal’s handcarved writing desk was his curious little red book. The old scholar must have been distracted by the sight of his musician friend nearing the cottage from the library window and neglected to hide the book as usual. Its pages lay open, and unmistakable magic hovered over the leaves. They heard light random notes, like the sound of the tiniest of wind chimes played by a faint breeze. As they gaped, they noticed each tinkling sound corresponded with a tiny point of light which would burst and disappear above the book.

Thomas breathed out a gasp of surprise. “Who is this Bresal fellow anyway?”

Ardan could not answer. He began to wonder the same thing. His pulse quickened as he neared the book.

“What are you doing?” Thomas dropped his voice to a whisper as he grabbed onto the boy’s shoulder. The color in his face had drained away.

“I merely want to read it,” Ardan said. He shrugged away Thomas’s hand.

“I do not think we should go near it.”

But Ardan continued nearing. Despite his own warnings, Thomas followed closely behind. Ardan picked up the book and began to turn the pages. He expected to hear more sounds and see the lights dance quicker, but instead, these features decreased until the pages settled again.

“What does it say?” whispered Thomas.

“Some is in Irish and some English.” Ardan’s gaze, as expected, went for the Irish text. He read aloud, “Solas agus airy biedh tú, Leabhar na mianach mo lámha chun saor in aisce.”

Right away, the tinkling noise intensified as did the lights. But what shocked Ardan was the book lifted from his fingers and hovered in front of him.

“Saints be blessed,” said Thomas and he let out a burst of highpitched laughter.

They both stared in awe a moment until Ardan saw Bresal and Turlough advancing toward the house from their walk in the garden. “No,” he gasped. His heart hammered at the trouble he would be in if Bresal found them out.

“Does it say how to reverse it?” asked Thomas, his voice raised in pitch.

Ardan’s gaze scanned the pages, desperate to avoid punishment, but none of the lines written in Irish appeared to fit the need. When Ardan reached for the book to try another page, it shied away from him. Frantic, he read aloud one of the English lines without comprehending the meaning.

“A need I have to mend a mistake, a new time please, for lives are at stake.”

Nothing happened.

“This sounds like the right one,” said Thomas. “Perhaps you should say it in Irish.”

Ardan could not find the Irish counterpart and so struggled a moment with the translation then said, “Is mór agam a cheartú botún, le do thoil A am nua a shaoradh ó na terror.”

The book filled the room with such a bright light, Ardan could see nothing else.

Buy Links:

Author Bio:

Shea McIntosh Ford is also the author of Harp Lessons and lives in Florida with her loving husband of eleven years and two boys, ages four and six. Growing up, she lived under the delusion that prejudice and bigotry were no longer being taught to children. Oh, how much she has learned. After feeling powerless as a first year teacher when one student adamantly said that Americans should send ALL Mexican’s back to Mexico, Shea has found her voice through her writing. While she knows that bigotry probably won’t be eradicated altogether, at least she’s doing her part to help decrease it.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @SheaFord1

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Author Interview and Spotlight - Brooke Williams

Today, I have Brooke Williams on my blog talking about her book, Someone Always Loved You.

A Bit About Her:

Brooke Williams is an award-winning author and freelance writer. She began her career in radio, both on the air and behind the scenes. She did a brief stint in TV news and then took on her most challenging job as a stay at home mom. During the few quiet hours in her day, Brooke writes articles for a number of clients as well as fiction creations such as “Someone Always Loved You.” Brooke has also written “Beyond the Bars,” a thriller, “God in the Kitchen,” a Christian novel, and “Taxi Delivery,” a Christian Romance. Brooke looks forward to the December 9th release of “Wrong Place, Right Time,” a romantic comedy and the February 2015 release of “Accept this Dandelion” inspired by the Bachelor TV show. Brook has been married to her husband Sean since 2002 and has two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.


His first day on the job, ambulance driver Jay has a horrible accident. The victim of the crash is thrown into a coma and Jay keeps vigil by her side. As their lives, past and present intertwine; a story of love through time unfolds. An intricate drama including adoption, love, suspense, and plenty of questions, Someone Always Loved You is a novel that keeps the mind churning and the soul alive.


It was his first day on the job.  He had studied the maps for days at a time and he knew the city streets better than the back of his hand.  He knew the fastest routes at every time of day.  His first passenger would not die on his clock.  Not a chance.  With the siren blaring, he drove swiftly, but gently, so the emergency medical technician in the back could work without disruption.
      “She’s losing a lot of blood, Jay,” the EMT shouted.  “We gotta get there fast, man!”
      “Not a problem,” Jay replied.  “I called ahead.  They have her blood type ready.  Plus we’re already there.”
      Jay only glanced back for a moment.  He just wanted to see the look on the seasoned EMT’s face as the man realized he’d just taken the quickest ambulance ride of his career right through the city during rush hour. 
The woman darted out of nowhere.  In his glory, Jay never saw her. 
      The second he looked away had been one second too long.  As his eyes fastened back on the road ahead, the ambulance pulled under the emergency room over hang, and he caught the worry in her eyes an instant before the impact.  The sickening sound jolted him backward into his seat. 

Author Interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a former radio announcer turned freelance writer/author.  I spend 12 years in radio both behind the scenes and on the air. I even did a brief 5-month stint in TV news as the on-air traffic reporter at a local station. That was a pretty big disaster since I don’t like make-up, don’t care about my hair, and am rather directionally impaired! Most importantly, I have been married to my husband Sean since 2002 and have two beautiful daughters: Kaelyn, 5, and Sadie, 18 months.

Why did you write “Someone Always Loved You”?

I have always loved to write and I always thought I had a book in me somewhere. When I graduated from college and began my career in radio, I quickly realized that I missed one particular aspect about college life…writing papers! I was still writing, but 60-second scripts for radio are a whole different world from long form writing. I have had an idea in the back of my head to write a book that included a character in a coma in order to examine what she hears and thinks. When I came up with the prologue for a book…a scene that caused a woman to fall into a coma…I HAD to write it. Once it was written, I had to know what happened. I couldn't NOT write it!

Do you spend a lot of time plotting?

No, hardly any at all. I like to just sit and write and see where things take me. I might have a general idea, but what I write today would be different than what I would have written yesterday. Any plotting I do when I’m not actually sitting and writing would change by the time I sat down so I try not to think about things too much when I’m not at the computer. Sometimes I can resolve issues I have created for the characters and they are always in the back of my mind, waiting for attention again!

Which character is your favorite in this book?

I’m attached to all of them in a number of ways, but the obvious choice would be Jordan. She’s one of the main characters and she happens to be in a coma for most of the book, but we still get to know her rather well through her memories and the thoughts she has as well as the conversations she overhears. A lot of her memories are things that happened to me growing up. That being said, a lot of the things about her are completely made up as well. She has a lot of characteristics I admire as well, such as her self-less nature.

As a mom of two, how do you find time to write?

Good question. I sometimes wonder that myself! I attribute my writing time to the fact that I have been stringent about naptime! My older daughter is 5 and she doesn’t really nap anymore. But she is still okay with going to her room for an hour or two when the baby naps. We still call it naptime, but we both know she’s not sleeping in there! The strangest things happen in her room and surrounding areas during “nap” time. But it’s all the time I have to write, so I cling to it! That gives me 1-2 hours a day to work on writing items. Freelance writing is my career so I often have client deadlines and so forth. Novel writing is my true passion and I do that work as often as time allows. I have carved the time out because I will always be a mom first and foremost, but the writer in me cannot be held back! I know my girls will be in school and away for much of the day soon enough. I enjoy every moment I have with them now. I will have more time to write than I know what to do with soon enough. Until then, I take my hour and my fingers fly!

Do you have any Works in Progress?

Too many to count, really! “Someone Always Loved You” is a self-published novel that I have never been able to let go of, but I have several novels under contract that I AM letting go of to publishers! “Wrong Place, Right Time” is a romantic comedy that comes out December 9th. “Accept this Dandelion” is slated for a Feb 2015 release. And “Mamarazzi” comes out in August 2015. All of those novels are clean romantic comedies…what I like to call cute little love stories. I even have a children’s book under contract for Feb 2016 called “Baby Sheep Gets a Haircut.” I couldn’t be more excited about any of those ventures and I look forward to writing more as soon as possible!

Have any advice for aspiring writers?

The best advice I can give is to keep at it. When I first wrote “Someone Always Loved You,” I actually tried to get it published and failed. I gave up on writing and didn't go back to it for a full decade. Now I feel like I wasted a lot of time. Getting something published feels like a needle in a haystack scenario. But if you don’t keep looking for that needle, you will NEVER find it! You need to write because you love it. If you love what you are doing, you already win! As for getting published, it will never happen if you don’t try. Keep trying and you’ll find the avenue that’s right for you.

Buy Link:

Online links to connect with Brooke:


Great to have you, Brooke and I wish you all the best for your book.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Struggles with Publishing

Nearly two years ago, my first book came out. What an amazing feeling to get my first book contract. I was over the moon. My dreams had come true! Yes, I felt nervous what people would think of my book out there in the big wide world, but I knew doors had opened up to me of endless possibilities. I wasn't far off.

Getting published opens the door for more contracts. You learn from the editing process, your writing improves and other publishers see you have a presence out there already. It gives you credibility like a graduation certificate or a CV with job experience inside.

The first year after being published was a whirlwind for me. I wrote several more books and within the year, had another five out. I didn't expect it to happen so fast and felt overwhelmed by the new responsibilities that went with promo, marketing and editing. I tried to slow down in my writing, but if you love something and can't stop doing it, how do you slow down?

Well, the last year has been the complete opposite to the previous year. It's been a very frustrating year for me. I've started writing under a pseudonym in a different genre and wrote three books under her name. I sent in those books in the last quarter of last year and the beginning of this year. I also sent in Book 2 of The Creators series - a book called "The Dance of the Firefly." The edits just didn't come. I waited and waited. Checked my emails, and waited. I was so used to a flurry of activity - the fast and efficient processing of my books into the world. It didn't happen. I decided I needed to write more books for "Kathy," so I wrote a Christmas novel (book 3 of my Weddings Girls Series) and a Halloween novella. Of course, I didn't think - those would only be able to come out in the last quarter of the year because they're holiday romances. I certainly didn't plan that well. But I really did want some holiday romances as they're fun to write and promote on specific times of the year.

Well, I've recently found out that my books will all be coming out round about the same time this year - two years after my debut novel came out and one year after my last novel came out. That means a whole year without a single new release. When I realised that, I was devastated. Since September last year, I've written seven books (including two novellas) but not a single one will reach the world until September this year. It's very hard to feel like you've disappeared into oblivion for a whole year. It's not good for your fans or regular readers.

The other thing that makes me really nervous is how will I keep up with the marketing of six books coming out in the space of three or four months? I don't know how it's going to work, but I have to just do it.

Some days, I wonder if I should go the self-publishing route. At least then I have control over the times when my books come out. I can have regular releases and not explosions followed by complete stillness. But I know I'm not ready. I need to work with editors more, I don't have the finances to hire a cover designer (although I could try a hand at it myself) and I like having the backing of a publisher to promote for me and just give me credibility until I've made a solid reputation in the writing world.

I have to say though that I'm amazingly excited for the last part of this year. Waiting so long for a book to come out, it almost feels like my debut novel is coming out. It's been so long. Am I ready to welcome six books into the world?

Oh, I've just remembered something. I also have a short story coming out in a fall anthology in October. That means more promo. And one thing did happen this year which just broke the pain a little bit - my short story in the Astraea Press Valentine anthology came out. Not quite the same as your own book but it did give me some joy. Was lovely to read all the other stories too. You can buy it here: Amazon

I think the biggest lesson I've learnt from this year is patience. I was spoilt in my first year of publishing - having five books out in one year. I don't think that's the norm. I think it happened because Astraea Press was pretty new then and their publishing schedule wasn't very crowded. I believe the same about my first Ubuntu novel - the line was new and I got in nice and quick. Things have changed. I've learnt self-control and discipline. I've learnt tenacity. I keep on writing even when I see no immediate fruit for all my hard work. I've learnt to put my health and my family first and not allow the writing to become my obsession. It's been hard but a valuable lesson.

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Character Interview - Rachelle from White Christmas Kiss

Today, I'm going to interview the heroine from one of my books. Book #3 of The Wedding Girls' Series, has been contracted but will only be released closer to Christmas as it's a Christmas story. Seeing it's July and some people are celebrating "Christmas in July" plus it features in my book, I'm going to interview Rachelle.

I don't know if anyone reading this post read my debut novel, Wedding Gown Girl. One of Kienna's clients at the wedding boutique where she works confides in her that's she doesn't love her groom. Kienna can't bear to leave the man ignorant so contacts him and warns him. Rachelle is the bride who actually jilts Blake at the altar. Blake, despite his broken heart, is attracted to Kienna and a relationship develops between them. Rachelle even goes so far as to send Kienna bad messages and sabotage their relationship.

So, White Christmas Kiss is Rachelle's story. Doesn't the bad girl deserve a second chance at love?

Here's a blurb of the story:

Rachelle runs a little wedding chapel on the Coderica Passenger Liner. Two years on the passenger liner haven’t helped her find peace from past mistakes. Ray brings his girlfriend on the Coderica’s grand cruise to Europe. When his plans to marry her in the little chapel go horribly wrong and the relationship fails, Ray and Rachelle are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Romance blossoms in Europe, culminating on Christmas Day. But the cruise ends and Rachelle isn’t sure she’s ready to leave the Coderica with Ray. Will the memory of their white Christmas kiss be strong enough to bring them together forever?

Character Interview:

What’s your favourite part of the day? Morning, afternoon or night?

Definitely a morning person. I'm fresh and alert first thing and fade towards evening, but since I've met Ray, I'm more flexible. He keeps me alert because I don’t want to miss a single moment with him.

If you had to take anyone with you on a long journey away from home, who would it be?

Well, I’ve spent two years of my life journeying far from home. To be honest, I don’t know. I’m estranged from my parents. Once I meet Ray, he would, of course, be my first choice. I mean we fell in love on tour so touring would bring back memories of those precious moments together discovering one another.

Name one of your weaknesses that you’d like to work on.

I do tend to be a little suspicious of people. I don’t trust easily. I also tend to live in the past, reliving my mistakes and wishing I could have done things differently.

What question would you like to ask your creator?

Why Ray? Why did you send him to me? I know he’s right for me but I just wanted to know your thinking. I wonder if I'd met him earlier if I would have been ready for him. 

If you could do anything over again in the book, what would it be?

I would have tried much harder to mend the broken relationships in my life. I’d be willing to ask questions instead of believe the worst of people’s reactions.

If you were able to invent something totally new for your world, what would it be, and why do you think it’s needed?

Phew, that’s a hard question. I would maybe invent a device that could check whether you love someone to eliminate all the doubts and problems before marrying them. Who wants to go through those months of questioning and doubts before the big day? But come to think of it, I think the best way to find out if you love someone is to go through some challenges together, and no machine can tell you what’s in your heart. So, no, I don’t think that would work. How about a software program that takes a photo of a woman and puts different wedding dresses on her or flowers for the chapel, or whatever so she doesn’t take so long to choose what she needs? I’m babbling on. I’d better move on to the next question. Oh wait, how about a love ship? A passenger liner purely for the purpose of bringing people together. It's a wonderful place to meet someone. I think there was a TV program in the eighties called The Love Boat. That would be the best invention ever.

Is there anything you’ve always secretly wished for but isn’t mentioned in the book?

I think I’ve always wanted a baby. Haven’t been ready for one with all my relationship problems, but I’ve always secretly longed for a child to nurture.

If you could commission a painting from a famous artist, what would it be of?

Now that’s the easiest question so far. I’d love a landscape of Copenhagen covered in snow. Or any European country. The snow epitomizes romance and purity—second chances. It washes away all the dust and dirt gathered from months of mistakes and provides a clean slate.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

I have to say the day I left Blake at the altar. Those moments standing at the back of the church were the most hair-raising of my life. I couldn’t take those steps, and my family’s gazes were on me waiting for me to go. When I told my dad no, I couldn’t marry Blake, I felt dead inside, but now I’m glad I did because I’ve met Ray.

Are you similar to how you were as a child or have you changed significantly? If you’ve changed, what changed you?

I’ve changed a significant amount. I had an easy, almost spoilt childhood. I was the only child and my parents pampered me. They were good to me and I’m forever grateful, but I owe my outlook on life now to the hard two years I spent on the Coderica Passenger Liner. Hardships soften you. I wouldn’t have been ready for love if I hadn’t realised how lost I really was. I had to go through that to appreciate the simple things in life.

What is the most sacrificial thing you’ve done for someone else?

I have to be honest, most of my life, I’ve been rather selfish. Only since I went on the Coderica, did I try to find ways to help others. Often after a long day at work in the chapel, I would fill in for my fellow crew members at the theatre bar. Some nights, I could barely keep my eyes open, but I found joy in giving them a chance to go off the ship or to rest their weary heads.

What do you prefer? Rock, classical, jazz, country or other?

I love my instrumental music and would often let it tinkle on in the background in the chapel on the ship. It’s peaceful, calms the mind and heart, and still allows me to focus on my work. Christmas music has a special place in my heart now, but you need to read the book to find out why.

Cat or dog person?

I haven’t had a pet for years. You can’t keep a pet on an ocean liner. I love to watch the dolphins and whales in Cape Town when the ship docks there. We don't see them every time so it's a real treat when we do.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Character Interview and Spotlight - Elizabeth West

Today, I have fellow Astraea Press author, Elizabeth West, talking about her inspirational YA novel, Different. She writes sweet, inspirational romances of varying genres - touching and beautiful. Accompanying her is the character from her novel, Jezebel Smith, who will give us some insight into herself.


Anything can happen when the rules change.


Jezebel Smith is different. She can’t talk, she doesn’t look like anyone in her family, and no matter what she does it’s always the wrong thing. God accepts her for who she is, but He’s the only one who does. Then she finds an unconscious man in her favorite cave, and her life is turned upside down. New people and new rules collide with the old, leaving Jezebel unsure of which set of rules apply to her life. When the strangers in town attempt to help her out of the nightmare she’s grown up in, it promises to change her life forever.


The distant drip of water echoed off the rocky walls as Jezebel Smith wandered through her cave. Pungent fumes from her kerosene lantern stung her nose, and she wished for a flashlight. But her family would miss a flashlight. They never noticed when she took the old lantern from the barn.

Turning her face away from the lantern, she caught a whiff of the familiar scent of the rocks around her. She loved the fresh, earthy smell of her cave. Through countless hours of careful practice, her hiking boots barely produced a whisper on the bumpy path leading to her special cavern. If she swung the lantern on its creaky handle, however, she could fill the cave with a creepy echo that reminded her of Halloween.

She passed through an opening in the wall and entered a large cavern with several ledges in one end. As she approached the lowest ledge, the glow from her lantern touched an unfamiliar lump on the floor below the rocky shelf and she froze. She knew every inch of this cavern — every rock, ledge, and bump in the floor. No one ever came here. Nothing ever changed unless she changed it. The cave was the only thing she could count on to always stay the same.

This time, however, there was something new. The cave had broken its own rules, adding a boulder where one didn’t belong. She crept toward it, fighting tears of hurt that the cave would trick her like everyone else, and the golden light of her lantern revealed it wasn’t a boulder after all — it was the still form of a man. Her pulse pounded in her ears, so loud it threatened to drown out her own thoughts. Where had he come from? Why wasn’t he moving? Her heart skipped a beat. Was he dead?

Buy Links

Because the book is a brand new release, please follow the link to Elizabeth's website for buy links: E.A. West

Author Bio

E.A. West, award-winning author of sweet and inspirational romance, is a lifelong lover of books and storytelling. In high school, she picked up her pen in a creative writing class and hasn’t laid it down yet. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, knitting, and crocheting. She lives in Indiana with her family and a small zoo of pets.

Where to Find E. A. West

Character Interview - Jezebel Smith

What’s your favourite part of the day? Morning, afternoon or night?

Morning and afternoon are definitely better than night.

If you had to take anyone with you on a long journey away from home, who would it be?

I don’t know. There haven’t been very many people in my life that I would want to go on a long journey with. I don’t really like going places I’ve never been anyway. Unfamiliar things make me nervous.

What is your motto in life?

Always do your best to follow the rules.

Name one of your weaknesses that you’d like to work on.

I don’t know if it counts as a weakness, but I have a speech impairment that makes it nearly impossible to talk a lot of times. I would LOVE to be able to talk as easily as everyone else.

What question would you like to ask your creator?

Why did you give me such a difficult life?

If you could do anything over again in the book, what would it be?

I would probably try harder to talk before the day I found Daniel in my cave.

Give a memory from childhood.

A lot of my memories from childhood aren’t things I like to think about. But I do remember the first time I ever caught a snake. I’d been watching it for a while and finally worked up the courage to reach out and grab it. I caught it right behind its head so it could bite me. When I picked it up, it wrapped its long, slithery body around my arm. The snake’s skin was so smooth, and I could feel how strong it was. I’ve loved snakes ever since.

Is there anything you’ve always secretly wished for but isn’t mentioned in the book?

I’ve always wanted to go to a zoo. I love animals, and a zoo sounds like it would be amazing. My brothers and sisters always talked about the trips their classes at school took, but I was never allowed to go on any trips with my family or anyone else. Maybe someday I’ll be able to go to a zoo and see all the animals I’ve only ever heard people talk about.

If you could commission a painting from a famous artist, what would it be of?

I think I would want a painting of the woods or maybe my cave. Those are my two favorite places and so relaxing.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

It’s hard to pick just one because I have a lot of embarrassing moments. When you’re as different as I am and don’t understand a lot of things everyone else seems to be born knowing, embarrassment is a way of life.

Are you similar to how you were as a child or have you changed significantly? If you’ve changed, what changed you?

I’m only fifteen, so it hasn’t been that long since I was a child. I think I’m still pretty much the same girl I was a few years ago, but two things have changed me. I became a Christian and I got older.

What is the most sacrificial thing you’ve done for someone else?

I risked severe punishment to get help for Daniel when I found him in my cave. He had that cut on his head and couldn’t seem to stay awake. I was so scared, but I knew he needed a doctor. So I went into town anyway, even though I wasn’t supposed to go there.

What do you prefer? Rock, classical, jazz, country or other?

I don’t really listen to a lot of music, but I like bluegrass and Appalachian mountain music. That’s what I grew up listening to, and it feels like home… in a good way.

Cat or dog person?

Dog person, definitely. I like cats and all other animals, except spiders (they are so creepy!), but I’ve always dreamed of having my own dog.

Thank you for stopping by, Elizabeth and Jezebel. It was fascinating to discover more about you. I love knitting too, by the way.