Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I Love Reading Romance so Much

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I just keep going back to them. No matter how much I try to read something else, even Ted Dekker's amazing fantasy novels, there's nothing I enjoy as much as reading romance.

There's got to be a good reason for it and I'm trying to think of it. So, this is just a silly post with my musings behind the reasons why I love reading romance (and therefore love writing it.)

Let's go back to earlier in my life and get a little personal. As a teenager, I didn't have much luck with boys - maybe because I was ultra-shy, wore braces, and didn't know how to style my hair right. Not that I wasn't interested. And I used to blush when my parents watched a romance movie, wishing to disappear into the ground. Then my now hubby asked me on a date. He was younger than me and in the beginning, I didn't think we were suited. But we had a great romance. We also had some challenges along the way as I pushed him away too many times, but thankfully he didn't give up. I was the typical heroine in a romance novel with all those barriers in her mind to her happily ever after. Even up to my wedding day, I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing - no reflection on him. The romance didn't end on that day, and his love has warmed up my heart so much that he's made me into a hopeless romantic. Before I met him, I never used to cry in movies. Now I cry for the silliest things - it's so bad that the whole family watches me in the emotional parts to see if I'm crying.

So because I've had my own romance with its many ups and downs, I'm fascinated with the story of others and how they get to their happily ever afters. I love happy endings. I think we're all wired deep inside to want a happy ending. I think the only reason someone doesn't want a happy ending, is that so many books do have that. They just want to be surprised. I find all the surprises in the middle. Sometimes I want to know the ending else I won't enjoy it. (I like to watch Bachelor/Bacherlorette only if I know who they choose at the beginning of the show, and I'm not interested if they break up in the end.) At least with a romance, I know it's going to end right.

This whole world is going to ultimately end happily. That's what I believe from my faith. I believe God is reaching out to everyone, and He has a wonderful future planned. He is the great author of romance and is forever wooing the people on the planet to Him. Maybe my love of romance comes from His heart.

Romance is wired inside the female heart so she can be the catalyst to a strong family and marriage. We all have it embedded in us but some haven't tapped into that part of themselves or have put it aside because of hurt. Which woman doesn't want a man to sweep her off her feet and make her feel like a goddess? We all do. And maybe we can learn a little from the books we read and write. Learn how to let our hearts open to our loves and to love in life.

Why do you like to read romance? I'm keen to know.


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