Friday, January 4, 2013

Flirty Novella

How could I miss the release of my new novella? My house has been upside down as our bedroom was getting tiled and we were sleeping in our sons' bedroom and them in the lounge, and my kitchen has been in the dining-room as we're painting it. The previous owners had absolutely no idea how to paint walls. The outside of our house is painted with brown roof paint which hasn't withstood the weather too well. Our lounge was painted in a bright purple which a few years ago we painted over with many coats. The kitchen was painted with this yellow powdery stuff that I'm not too sure was paint and has been coming off in blotches over the years. On the splashback tiles, light switches, and door frames, a kitchy green was sponged on. We had to scrub this yellow gunk off with plenty of sugar soap so my muscles and back are aching and my fingers raw. Tomorrow, we will sand and then attempt to paint. Besides that, I had to scrub the black specks off the tiles in my bedroom and move back in. What a relief that tonight I get to sleep in my own room.
Anyway, it was with mind-blowing surprise that I found my book in the recent release page of Astraea Press (not that they didn't tell me it would be released on the 1st January.) Reminding Me of You is a fun, flirty, funny short book about the power of memories and decisions when it comes to love. It's my first book that I haven't set in my home country, South Africa, so it was quite a step into unchartered waters. I enjoyed the research for it though, especially seeing I'm seriously enchanted with Paris and would love to visit it one day.

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