Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weird Feeling

I just had to get this off my chest and do a blog post on it. It's happened to me several times already, but twice it's been quite creepy and weird. Sometimes I write something in a book and it later comes out in life. The first time was when I wrote my first adult novel. The story was set in my home town, Newcastle, and I made up a new shopping mall near the casino. There was no such thing at the time, nor was there any talk of it in local media. When I read through my novel about a year ago to consider revising it for a second edition, I noticed that and goosebumps ran up my arm. How uncanny that we now have a new mall in the very same area. I'm not denying that maybe I had heard something in the media, but I don't think so. I was trying to think where a good place to put this imaginary shopping mall would be and I came up with near the casino. Maybe the developers and I had similar thoughts.

Well, it's happened again but in a different way. I'm working on a book which is kind-of a follow-on of "Wedding Gown Girl," not that it follows Kienna's story, but rather Elaine (the bridesmaid's) story. It does feature Kienna as her friend though. Anyway, Elaine's brother is trying for the Olympics as a swimmer. Elaine has sworn that she will never date an athlete but she falls for one of Mick (her brother's) team mates. This romance is about all the conflicts and barriers to their love - one of them being Mick's overly-aggressive protection of his sister against Win. I began to do research, to explain Mick's behaviour, on "roid rage" which is excessive aggressiveness caused by abusing steroids.

It's very upsetting what happened to Reeva Steenkamp. If anyone has been following the latest news, it is believed that Oscar Pistorius (a South African Olympian runner) murdered his girlfriend, Reeva. Of course, nothing is confirmed and I'm hoping against little hope that he didn't murder her on purpose as he professed. Today there was a news article on "The Sun" website about the police finding steroids in his home. They suspect his aggression towards her could be caused by a mixture of "roid rage" and excessive alcohol usage. Strangely enough, as soon as I heard what happened, I thought of all the research that I'd been doing and I told my husband that maybe it was because of steroids. It seems that my thoughts right in the beginning may not have been far off.

I just can't believe how many book ideas always seem to come up after I've written them.

My first children's book was about a car that spoke and drove itself. Not long after I'd written it, the movie "Cars" came out. I knew then that my idea wouldn't get published as it was no longer original. In retrospect, my writing was in its beginning stages then so that was probably more the reason why it didn't get published. (If you are keen on a sweet, silly kiddies' book about a car that talks when it goes into a magical land, you can get my book on Smashwords for free - Buggy's Adventures in Motoland.) Here's the link: Buggy 1

So, I had to share how strange this all is to me - how the ideas of the universe seem to collide sometimes like an asteroid hitting the earth. I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through the same experience as a writer or am I the only one?

I sincerely hope that Pistorius is not guilty and that Reeva's family deals well with their grief. This story has been very upsetting as a South African to follow. For a sportsman that we respect in our country to possibly do such an awful deed or to be falsely accused of such, is quite disturbing.

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