Thursday, April 25, 2013

Love this Hero

I've fallen in love with the hero of my book. There's something about Winston Harper that does it for me. Maybe it's because he's got a gorgeous bod. He's a professional swimmer, but he's hiding a wounded soul. Despite his woundedness, he's able to find the woman he loves and eventually, after much turmoil, give his heart to her.

I don't know why, but I love heroes that are flawed. They're not a perfect male who does everything right all the time, has everything together, and is super-successful no matter what. Winston Harper is successful outwardly, but what drives his all-consuming ambition is pain. It makes me wonder about sports people. What drives them? I'm sure for many of them it's just the passion for the game and for what they love doing. But are some of them driven by something much deeper than that?

In my first published novel, Wedding Gown Girl, Kienna helps Elaine dress beautifully for a wedding in one of her bridesmaids dresses. Even though Elaine has her sights on the same man that Kienna does, they become fast friends. My novel is Elaine's story. (And it even features Kienna.) It's the second book in the Wedding Girls Series. Elaine bakes wedding cakes.

She's sworn off dating athletes. She knows them as her brother is a professional swimmer too. So when Win enters into her life, she's surprised by how much she wants him. But Win doesn't want a relationship. He's focused on entering the London 2012 Olympics for South Africa. A relationship would just distract him. He has to win a medal, no matter what. His whole future depends on it. But Elaine is too good to resist.

I received a contract with Astraea Press for Three Tiers for Win today and can't wait for this book to come out. It truly was one of the funnest books to write.


  1. Kathy, that's wonderful news! You're on a roll! Well done and congratulations. Love the premise - and the idea of a swimming hero with flaws sounds fab.

  2. Congratulations on the new contract Kathy!

  3. Congrats on the contract, Kathy! Awesome news!!! xoxo

  4. Totally agree with you about swimmers' bods, Kathy! Congrats on the contract!