Monday, July 29, 2013

Movie Review and a taste of Book 2 of The Creators

One of my favourite movies of all time is "Love Comes Softly." It's a Hallmark made for TV movie so is probably an unknown to many people but I love it so much. I have to confess I'm such a softy that I cry so easily in movies. My family teases me constantly but I just can't help it. This is a movie where I cry almost throughout the whole thing.

What I love about this movie is that you're taken right into the very soul and emotions of the main character, Marty, and then close second into Missy's heart, the young mother-less girl. Marty has traveled west with her new husband, Aaron, to find a new home in early American history. They are just about to obtain land to settle after the long wagon journey, and Aaron, one morning, goes out to find his missing horse. On the way, he falls off the horse and hits his head on a rock. Marty loses her new husband that day and has to face a new life in the wild west all alone while dealing with her devastating grief.

Clark Davis' daughter, Missy, needs a female figure to look up to after her mother passed away. Clark gives Marty the absolutely least-romantic wedding proposal I've ever seen on TV. In the rain, by her late husband's grave, he asks her to marry him so she can look after his daughter and offers to give her money for her passage back east come spring. In a financially desperate situation, Marty agrees.

Missy is very resistant to Marty at first. I don't want to share the rest with you, but the story is a beautiful romance between Clark and Marty as well as a wonderful story of a girl finding the love of a mother again in Marty (after much quarrelling and resistance.) Maybe the reason I can identify so much with Missy is because I lost my mother at a young age, too.

"Love Comes Softly" reminds me a little of Book Two of "The Creators" series that I'm working on at the moment - a follow-on of "Dragonfly Moments." Rowena is a ballet teacher and Jamey is her most difficult student. On the week of her mother's passing, she takes her frustration out on Jamey. Jamey's father comes in a few days later to speak to Rowena. When he asks for her to give Jamey extra lessons, Rowena at first is reluctant until Cameron tells her how his daughter is missing her late mother. Rowena's grief of losing her mother fresh in her heart, suddenly identifies with her worst pupil just like Marty identified with Missy missing her mother. She agrees.

Much more patient with her pupil, they develop an immediate report. Jamey, who has her Dad wrapped around her little finger, keeps on pursuading him to invite Rowena over. Little does she know how much her Dad is fighting his strong attraction to Rowena while struggling to get over the memories of his late wife.

I won't let you know any more of my story as it's not even complete yet. I can't wait to get stuck into completing this gentle story of love and family.

If you're keen on watching the movie which is also part of a series, here is the link: Love Comes Softly
Here is the link to the book series which are inspirational: Book Series by Janette Oke

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