Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Blitzen Giveaway

It's nearly Christmas and there are many lovely Christmas books out. I love Christmas books, especially the covers. Yet, I've never ever written one. I think maybe I should.

E. A. West is organising a Book Blitz(en) giveaway of holiday books. At least Cosmetic Heart can be classified as a holiday book. Well, I think so. Dan wants his employee, Lisa, to pose as his ex-fiancee to save face with his family for a New Year's get together. In South Africa, New Year's Day means braai (barbecue,) lots of sunshine, and swimming. So, that's what Lisa takes part in. While she gets to know Dan away from work and spends time with his family, she begins to fall in love. Dan sees a side of Lisa that he wants, too. But there are way too many barriers to Lisa's whole heart. It's a long time before his love wipes them away.

If you enter the Book Blitzen Giveaway on E. A. West's blog, you can win a copy of my book or one of the many other gorgeous-looking holiday books. Here's the link: Book Blitzen Giveaway or just click the green block on the right of my blog with the happy moose. This giveaway starts today and ends on the 15 December. My book is up for grabs today, hence the blog post even though it's Nelson Mandela's Memorial.

I'm also going to have a giveaway of my book closer to New Year. Wait for it. And I'll run a giveaway of ALL of my books on my Facebook author page on the days leading up to Christmas.

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