Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thinking over 2013

2013 was a year of good and bad. I'm grateful to have come through some health challenges and scares mostly unscathed. I've had wonderful support from my family, especially my hubby whom I have fallen more deeply in love with than ever. He's so caring, giving and hardworking. I love him to bits!

I would honestly say it's been a fantastic year with my writing for the following reasons:

1. I had four books come out.
2. I signed two more contracts.
3. I wrote three books which isn't as much as the previous year but with new books out, I had to spend more time on promo.
4. Nano was wonderful. I love the book that I wrote for Nano.
5. My first book came out in print and now Three Tiers for Win is also out in print.
6. Astraea Press let me buy some of my print books at cost price.
7. I learned so much more from working with editors, especially Zee Monodee who is super-detailed and thorough and amazing.
8. I've learned so much about promo and come to a decision on how much time I want to dedicate to it in future.
9. I've started writing a different genre under a pseudonym.

For the New Year, I'm giving away a copy of Cosmetic Heart to a commenter on this blog post - answer the question below. The story begins in sunny South Africa just before Christmas, and the first time when Dan and Lisa start to feel for one another happens during New Year. My book has had some reviews which have given me reason to pause and even regret writing this book. But every time I feel so strongly that what I wrote was true. Maybe I didn't get the character across right though. When my husband asked to marry him, I made him wait six months. We had a stormy courtship and engagement because of my indecision and fear. Lisa is a lot like me. She has many barriers in her heart. I hope that whoever else reads my book sees that Dan's love is what wiped them away. Dan brought out the best in her as true love does. None of our characters are flawless. Some of them have to be lumped with some serious faults. Lisa is one of those characters.

Now for the question I'm burning to hear your answer for:

How flawed do you think a character should be to make them believable and likeable? Can a main character be too flawed as to be un-likeable?


  1. I enjoy reading books with REAL characters. It makes me feel that there is hope for happy endings for all of us - even the flawed ones. :) I haven't read Cosmetic Heart yet, but it sounds like one I would enjoy! The only way I wouldn't like a character is if they were mean spirited and do horrible things - the villians - and I think that is the whole point of that character. :)

  2. Sounds like you had and amazing year. I will attest about Zee and her wonder working self. She brings out the best in her authors. May 2014 be even more prosperous than 2013.