Friday, January 24, 2014

A Short Comparison

Just a fun blog post about print books vs ebooks from my point of view:

Which is better? Um, do I have to choose?

Lets first look at why I love ebooks so much:

1. If it weren't for the invention of ebooks I'm not sure I would be published yet. Traditional publishers were much more selective and picky in their choices.
2. Ebooks are way cheaper so you can buy more and read a more varied selection of books.
3. Ebooks take up less space. All you need is a Kindle. We are having a problem with space at home. We have over three bookshelves at home and we've had to remove so many books to sell second hand this year.
4. A Kindle is easier to hold - you don't have to hold it open.
5. So many interesting writers and genres have resurfaced since the advent of ebooks.
6. Oftentimes when you can't source a book, you can find it cheaper on Kindle.
7. Kindle always keeps your place so you don't keep on losing your bookmark down the side of the couch.

Why I love print books so much:
1. The smell. I know that sounds crazy but I love sticking my nose into a new book and taking a good whiff of the scent of fresh paper, ink and binding. Aah, that smell brings back lovely memories of happy moments reading.
2. You can look at the cover and blurb at the back whenever you want. It's much harder in an ebook.
3. The book feels like a whole package - the feel of the book is in the way it's printed, bound and designed. There always seems to be more info about the book and author in a print book or maybe because it's easier to navigate.
4. You can easily lend the ones you're crazy about to a friend.
5. You can resell them afterwards and make up for a bit of your expense.
6. You can get an autograph inside from your favourite author.
7. It's easier to go back to check on a certain part in the book.

I think it's round about a tie. What do you say? I still feel that ebooks win in my opinion but I wouldn't like print books to disappear altogether. There's something so special about getting a print version of your favourite book.

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  1. I love the price and convenience of e-books, but I love even more the romance of holding a book in my hands, occasionally pressing my lips to the rim of a cup filled with hot chai latte, and glancing out the window like a satisfied mistress at an overcast or snow-filled sky.