Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cover Reveal - My Halloween Novella

The cover for my Halloween Novella has arrived and it's GORGEOUS! AMAZING! FANTASTIC!

Here it is:

I love the colours and the atmosphere! And the little black cat sitting on the writing.

It was hard to write a Halloween book. Being a Christian, Halloween is considered by many of my faith as evil and not something we should ever celebrate. It hasn't really taken off in my country, especially the trick or treat side of it because of the crime factor, but it's becoming more popular. I've actually done a fair amount of research on the origins of Halloween and personally believe it has no evil origins. It may be used for evil purposes. I stand to be corrected though. I just like the festive feeling of having a day to dress up or make goodies, etc. I see the fun aspect of going scary - it actually helps us to deal with scary and fearful things in a way. So, no, as a Christian, I'm not anti-halloween but I don't go for witchcraft and Satanism, those types of things. I personally believe though that as Christians, we should be open to other people's beliefs. I respect those who think it's wrong but I also hope they respect me and accept that I don't see anything wrong with taking a day out of the year to celebrate and have fun in a "scary" way.

Anyway, here is the blurb of my novella. It's a fun, short read with a more young adulty feel than my other books.


Ali’s never been so scared. She’s housesitting for a colleague on Halloween night, but the lights have gone out, and terrible noises and crashes send her imagination into overdrive. When her brother’s friend comes to her rescue, he kisses her in the dark several times. Once back in the light, Ali is embarrassed at allowing him to kiss her. Byron tries to ignore his strong attraction for Ali, especially seeing he’s not ready for a relationship. When Ali finds out why, she runs away, but life has other plans. What can bring them together? Fate, faith, or the memory of his Halloween kisses?

I'm not going to post an excerpt yet as it's still in the editing phase. Should be up fairly soon.


  1. Gorgeous cover. I think you are right about respecting other people's decisions.