Saturday, October 25, 2014

Autumn's Kiss Blog Hop

Ten sweet romance authors got together and wrote a book. Ten short romances set in fall, the season of change, of harvest, of traditions. What a fun experience. We found each other on the Clean Romances Facebook group.

I have to say, I'm truly humbled to have my little story amongst the gems of this book. It's an amazing read!!

Here's a sneak peak of the book which is now available for purchase. We're offering up prizes to those who take part in the blog hop.

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The Book Trailer:

The title of my story in the book is called "The Fall Apples and Mr. Craigson."

So, I set out to write a fall romance. Not being from the US, our fall is in April. Our apple tree comes alive at that time and our dogs feast on what falls to the ground. We haven't eaten many of the apples, but they are improving with each year. Most years though, the birds and bugs get to them first. Still, I love the apple tree. One year, we had a bumper harvest, and I managed to make an apple pie with the apples. Here's a pic of one my daughter picked compared to a store-bought apple:

So, the apple tree inspired my short story in the anthology. Trina has a row of apple trees that she wants cut down. When she hires Mr. Craigson to help out with the job, she's shocked at how attracted she is to him. It causes problems. She's supposed to be married - well pretending to be married to a rich businessmen to keep unwanted men away. Mr. Craigson sees through her facade though, but is she ready to give her already bruised heart away?

If you fill in your answers to each question along the blog tour, you can win a grand prize. Also, I will be offering a copy of His Halloween Kisses, my holiday romance novella to one commenter on this blog post. Although I love to receive your comments, that will not give you automatic entry for the grand prize (and it's grand - about $70). You need to fill in the form and follow each blog hop. Please find the link to the other blogs below:

Ready for My Question??

What is Trina's secret?

A. She's in an unhappy marriage.

B. She's committed a crime.

C. She's pretending to be married to a rich man.

Type in your answer in the form below:


  1. The link to the form isn't working???

  2. Sounds nice

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  3. I'm looking forward to reading your book.
    What a big difference in the apples ;)
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  4. It's so easy to promote books from authors I truly believe in. Congratulations ladies on this set!

  5. Lovely looking stories. I've purchased mine and will soon dive in. Thanks.

  6. The winner of the grand prize is Brooke Bumgardner!! Congratulations!