Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Dance of the Firefly

I'm so happy that my book has a cover!! Yippie!! I loved this book - just love the characters, especially my heroine, Rowena. She touches a cord with me. This is my first multi-cultural romance and I loved writing it!!

And it's about ballet which I'm crazy about. As a kid, I had two dreams - become an author or a ballerina. I chose the one and now I'm writing about the other, lol. (Just a little secret - in retrospect, I would have hated the life of a ballerina. I like a quiet, family life which matches an author much better. And another secret - I don't think my body was cut out for such athletic stuff but I enjoy tinkering around with ballet workout sessions at home sometimes.) Oh, my high school friend ended up being a ballerina and danced for an American ballet company. Boasting here *wink, wink*. Anyway, I haven't maintained contact with her - different worlds I suppose.

Enough of that. Get on with the book...

So take a look:

The cover shows the characters so well. Rowena is a ballet teacher who couldn't follow her dream of dancing on stage. She lives in Zambia and Cameron is a South African worker on contract in Zambia, a single dad with a daughter who needs a female role model in her life. I lived in Zambia for seven years and had to use it for a setting in one of my books. What better than the Ubuntu line of Decadent Publishing for entering a new African culture?

Here's the blurb:

Zambian ballet teacher Rowena Chisanga agrees to give her most difficult student extra lessons because she doesn’t have a mother. What she didn’t bargain for was falling for Jamey’s South African father. Although Rowena and Cameron share the grief of losing a loved one, they are of different race and culture. To complicate matters, Cameron’s work contract in Zambia is soon to end, and Cameron holds fast to the memories from his past marriage. Not willing to sacrifice his daughter’s well-being for a short-lived fling, he chooses to return early to South Africa without informing Rowena. On top of that, she is afraid to give her all to Cameron and Jamey, especially when it means giving up her long-awaited dream to dance in a ballet company. When life’s conflicts and their memories and hurts are pitched against them, can their love survive?