Friday, January 2, 2015

Recap and Launch

Well, 2014 is done and dusted.

I heard from several family members and friends that 2014 was a hard year. Every year seems to have its challenges, and I think, for many, 2014, stepped it up. It wasn't without its challenges for me, but it also had some good things.

Here's what I learnt in 2014:

1. The more books you have contracted, the more editing you will have to do and the more promo you will have to pay for.

2. Editing is hard work. So is promo.

3. Dieting isn't good in any form. I'm being serious. I went on the paleo diet for two and a half years and got sick from it. I didn't realise my thyroid problems were connected to what I was eating until one day, in desperation, I broke the diet. I haven't looked back. I feel amazing (except for today with this ridiculous heat wave.) When we eat a balanced, whole food diet and follow the principles of intuitive eating - eating what our bodies crave, we'll be healthy. I've put on weight since I broke the diet, and I'm really, really glad I kept my bigger clothes in case. Else I would be spending a lot on a new wardrobe. I'm learning to love my body even if it's not perfect. I'm being kind to it - accepting my shape and accepting that I need to eat carbs to be healthy. As nice and skinny as I looked while on the diet, I couldn't sustain it long term.

4. I've gone through a lot of struggles with my faith and the religion of my childhood. I've come back to believing just about what I did believe in the beginning with a few tweaks here and there. I'm a bit sad that my family don't believe the same as me, and I'm trying to let go and not "convert" them. Every now and again, an ugly doubt rears its monster head at me. I don't think I'm totally out of the woods yet. Will I ever be?

5. I learnt a lot about writing, but I don't, unfortunately, feel like I've arrived. In fact, I feel a lot of people have had more success than me after 1, 2, or even 5 books out. I have about 8 books out, but I'm still waiting for that breakthrough. I'll keep on writing though. And learning to do it better.

6. I've learnt that no publishing route is perfect and problem free, but we need to find what works for us - most of the time. We can't follow what others do because it worked for them. Everyone's journey is unique.

2015 awaits. Today, I went for my Friday walk and pondered the year ahead. I don't know why, but standing at the brink of a new year always makes me kind of nervous. This time, I had those troubled thoughts come - what if I can't write anymore books? What if the muse has gone? A silly thought really because I've often had it, but still written more books.

I have several projects planned for the year. I want to finish The Album series. That means three more books to write. I still have to get that contract for the first book and it's busy going through some beta reads first before I send it off.

Other than that, nothing else planned yet. Phew, I have to get my creative juices in gear, don't I?

What do you have planned for 2015? What did you learn from 2014?

My book, Cosmetic Heart, was set during New Year. I'd love to offer free PDF copies to anyone who'd like to review it for me. Just comment on the blog with your email address.

Happy 2015! May the muse be your bloodhound.


  1. Hi, Kathy. I love every book of yours I've read, so I'd be happy to read Cosmetic Heart. Should I PM you my email?

  2. It sounds like you were numbering the points of MY 2014! I know this year will be better for all of us. I'm up for reading Cosmetic Heart. Email a pdf or galley copy at your leisure.

  3. Great post, Kathy. I must admit, I also feel a tad nervous at the beginning of each year! As for the writing and "arriving" ... not sure at what point a writer truly feels that! (I too am still waiting! :) All the best for a fabulous new year for you, my friend.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think if we feel we've arrived, then we've basically given up and have no ambition and ambition is a good thing.

  4. Lovely post, Kathy! Happy New Year :-)

  5. Sounds like a year of growth and that's always good. Happy New Year.

  6. You'll make it just fine, because you can do it!!

    I'm actually excited about a new year because it means a new beginning and new projects - I have 3 series to juggle this year, and one being released in full, my year of going indie... Daunting, but exciting as well!

    Oh, about the diet thing - you should try reading The Metabolism Miracle. I read that book around Christmas and made some of the changes it advocates, and I've lost my muffin top in 10 days. It really works. Let me know if you wanna discuss its principles. It's nothing constraining - just asks that you eat every 5 hours, tops, and about 11-20g of carbs each time. I loathed carbs on Paleo but this new technique seems to be working for me :)

    Happy New Year, Kathy! xoxo