A Little Bit About Me

I write contemporary romance, fantasy romance, urban fantasy, and plan to dabble in woman's fiction. My writing has evolved over the years from partial romance, to inspirational romance, historicals (which didn't work at all!) to sweet, contemporary romance and now fantasy. Isn't it great that, as authors, we can experiment with different genres? I'll always have a heart for romance and happy endings, no matter what I write.

For me, writing isn't just about writing but there's also the editing process once the book is out, then there's promoting of your book. But I love it!

Besides writing, I keep myself busy by homeschooling my three teens, editing other writer's books, tackling piles of laundry and dishes, making all sorts of food from scratch, and running an energy healing practice. To relax, I enjoy walking, reading, and crafting and have recently taken up the hobby of penpal letter writing.

I live in sunny South Africa in a semi-rural town where very little happens but the birds twitter and the flowers bloom and life is simple.


  1. Hi Kathy
    It was so wonderful stumbling onto your website. You've achieved so much and you inspire me endlessly. Looking forward to what the future holds for you.


    1. Thank you, Melony, for stopping by and for your well-wishes. Lovely to meet you!!