Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Giveaway Week Two

It's a week and a day until Valentine's Day. Ten years ago, I received a very precious Valentine's Day present - a soft, cuddly and crying bundle that is now a beautiful child. When she was born, I was wearing a red checkered dress and the nurses didn't even take the dress off. She's always had a heart full of love for those around her.

In case you were wondering, the answers for last week's quiz are as follows:

1. Tony became a chef and opened a restaurant.
2. William sold travel books in his bookshop.
3. William spilt orange juice on Anna.
4. Anna kissed William in the doorway of his bachelor pad after coming in to wash off the orange juice.
5. Anna stayed at the Ritz Hotel.
6. William realised he should stay clear of Anna when the public opinion of her seemed more important to her than their relationship.

And now for the quiz for week two.

Another movie I adore is “You’ve Got Mail,” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Interestingly, Kathleen Kelly runs a bookshop too – but a general one passed down from her mother. It’s about a couple that develop a close relationship online but are actually enemies in real life (besides there being definite chemistry between them.)

1.         Joe Fox is opening up a mega-bookstore in New York. Who does he take to Kathleen’s little bookshop?
2.         What is the username that Kathleen uses to correspond with Joe Fox unknowingly online?
3.         How does Joe respond when he finds out that Kathleen is the woman he’s been corresponding with?
4.         What is Joe’s dog’s name?

Please put your answers in the comments block and put your email address so if you've won, I can contact you.

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