Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Romance Movie Quiz Week Three

It's one day until Valentine's Day and I realise I didn't buy everything I wanted to buy for my very wonderful, special man! It's also frustrating because although I'm a writer, I struggle to put into words exactly how much he means to me without sounding sappy! Anyway, I hope he feels the love because it's very real!

The answers to last week's movie quiz are as follows:

1. Joe Fox brought his niece and nephew into Kathleen Kelly's bookshop.
2. Kathleen's username online to communicate with Joe was "Shopgirl."
3. Joe finds out that "Shopgirl" is Kathleen when he peers through the restaurant window before they are to finally meet and sees it's her.
4. Joe's dog's name was Brinkley.

The third movie is “The Lake House,” starring Keanu Reeves (don’t you love his husky voice?) and Sandra Bullock. This movie has some paranormal in it in that the two connect through different time frames via the post box at the lake house.

1.         What profession does Kate have in the movie?
2.         What book did Kate leave at the train station which Alex picked up?
3.         What type of relationship did Alex have with his father?
4.         What did Alex do for Kate outside her apartment block which wasn’t finished being built when he went there?
5.         How did Kate discover that Alex was dead?

Please leave your answers in the comment block with your email address so I may contact you if you've won.


  1. Yikes Kathy! Those questions are really hard!

    I saw this movie ages ago and couldn't possibly answer your questions. One thing is for sure though - Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have beautiful on-screen chemistry!

  2. I LOVE Sandra Bullock. I'm sure she is one of those actresses who will just get better and better as she ages. For some reason, I have never seen this movie and will rectify shortly!

  3. It's a beautiful movie, Gina. You have to see it! Yes, the chemistry is great and she's a magical actress.

  4. Hi Kathy!

    Loved that movie, but sadly can't remember all the intricate details - too enamored with Keanu so I'm forgiven, right :)
    But I do remember Sandra Bullock was a doctor, and Keanu was an architect, because he had drawn up plans for a house she wanted to build but then he had died...or something like that. I'm going to have to watch it again!

  5. By all means watch it again, April, just for the enjoyment of the movie!

  6. I love this movie, have watched it at least 6 times and am always ready to watch it again. I got this.
    1. Kate was a doctor
    2. Persuasion
    3. A bad one. His father was cold, and got even colder when his mom left him (the father didn't even go to her funeral- she was dead to him when she left him)
    4. He planted a tree and it was brilliant (for me) to watch it grow instantly
    5. She went to an architectural firm to have her old brickhouse redone. The firm (VanGuard sp?) belonged to Alex's brother. there was a sketch of the lakehouse on the wall and she asked about it and found out he was dead.
    I am so happy. I am going to watch that movie again tonight. Even if I don't win you have made my day.

  7. Ooh thanks, Nana, for such an enthusiastic response! Enjoy the movie.