Thursday, September 12, 2013

The End of a Journey

The last stop of my first blog tour for Dragonfly Moments today! I can't believe I got through this unscathed. When I first considered doing my own blog tour, I have to be honest, I put it off for a while. I was petrified. I didn't know how to use Rafflecopter and thought it quite daunting. I didn't know how to prepare a swag bag. I'm still not sure about that one but I think the key is to make it uniquely you. Heather, the owner of Decadent Publishing, suggested I put in a few things about my country so I have. Many readers are from the USA and would love to learn a bit more about the unusual setting of my book.

Well, let me first share a few of the ups and downs of this journey which started last week. Rafflecopter was great. I had more entries for my giveaway than I've ever had before. But there were some glitches. The code didn't always work on my friends' blogs. I discovered that Wordpress doesn't have the ability to put up the Rafflecopter table at the bottom of the blog post. You have to put in the link to the Rafflecopter website. Blogspot can be tricky, too, and it didn't work for all my very kind friends and fellow writers who hosted me on their blogs. In the end, the problems were ironed out.

The highlight of the tour was the wonderful comments from people on the posts. People who I have never met, saying they would love to read my book! I'm terribly insecure about the excerpts I choose for my books. I'm so worried they will put people off and sound so stupid, so to hear that people want to read my book after reading my excerpt, boosts my confidence and gives me that lovely warm fuzzy feeling.

I can't wait to see who won my $10 Amazon gift card and the 5 swag bags. I've been collecting the items for my bags over the last few weeks and making one of the items furiously after much trial and error. I can't wait to pack them up and post them to these people. I will get the result from Rafflecopter tomorrow and post the winners' names on my blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

Thank you so much to my really, really kind and friendly writer friends for allowing me to be on your blogs. You are awesome!

For those who haven't been following the blog tour up to now, you can have a last chance to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My earliest memory is very special to me. I was at a theme park with my parents gazing up at the large swing ride. I look upon that time very fondly.

  2. I somehow missed Dragonfly Moments. I have read Wedding Gown Girl. Great contest idea.

  3. Meeting my fiance on my 39 birthday that was the best present i ever received that was a moment i will never forget.

  4. Meeting my husband at a time in my life when I needed him the most.

  5. Thanks for sharing your special moments. Very romantic and very touching.