Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Informal Blog Tour

Today begins an informal blog tour for my new release, Three Tiers for Win. Thank you so much to my fellow Astraea Press authors for being willing to host me on your blogs. I'm also going to have the privilege of hosting a couple of them on my blog for the month of October.

Here is a list of all my blog stops if you want to pop in and visit some other authors:

9 October
Karen Morison-Knox whose pen-name is stunning - Ariella Moon. She writes beautiful young adult stories sprinkled with magic. Ariella Moon.

14 October
Felicia Rogers who writes an amazing mixture of romances from contemporary to historical to suspense to inspiration and even chick lit. Very versatile. Felicia Rogers.

16 October
E A West who writes touching romance. To be honest, she's one of my favourite authors. Her book, "Jordan's Battle" had me wiping tears almost all the way. I definitely have her other books on my "to read" pile. E A West.

22 October
Zanna Mackenzie is a UK based sweet contemporary romance author. Love the look of her books. Zanna Mackenzie.

24 October
Amy Mullen hails from New York and is a recently published medieval romance author. What an awesome time period to set a romance! Amy Mullen.

31 October
Iris Blobel is an Australian romance author who leans towards tender woman's fiction in her books with family relationships. She chooses interesting settings for her books. Iris Blobel.

Two quotes from my book:
"They were meant for each other. Something was drawing them together, no matter how much life seemed to pull them apart. She was going to fight for him with everything that was within her and nothing was going to stop her."

"Something clicked inside of Win at that moment, something profound and stirring. He loved a woman. And Elaine was that woman. Sweet, bubbly, deeply caring, yet stubborn Elaine."

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