Friday, December 13, 2013

A Reader's Review of "Rescued by the New Guy in Town"

I won a copy of this ebook from a blog competition. I must admit, I was very excited to try the romance as it was written by a man. He is Jeff Salter, fellow Astraea Press author. This is another awesome Astraea Press book that I want to shout to the world - read it! It rocks! So, I decided to do a blog review of this book.

Most romance books are written by women. I very seldom find any written by men and when I do, I'm very curious to see how they handle the genre. No, Nicholas Sparks doesn't write romance. Well, very seldom does he. The author, Jeff Salter, worked as a librarian for many years. His colleagues were women. Rubbing shoulders with these females showed him many things about the gender. He bravely wrote this whole book from the heroine's point of view.

This novel was a breath of fresh air. It was absolutely fun to read. I would actually classify it more as a chic-lit romance. There was so much humour and craziness. I laughed out loud many times. My family kept on asking me what I was laughing at. The spider scene brought the tears to my eyes, I was laughing so bad.

Not only that, the story kept me going. The heroine seemed to find herself going from one mishap to the next. The sexual tension was good and the hero was yummy. The romance came full circle in a wonderful way.

Okay, it was written by a man who'd worked with women for many years but that didn't take away the definite male outlook to the romance. I saw it peeping through which made it a fascinating read. But, he managed to give insight into the female psyche that was superb and touched a chord with myself.

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants an entertaining and touching romance with depth inside.

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  1. wow, thanks, Kathy. I'm honored and humbled.
    Very glad the POV was effective, because I knew while writing it that I was taking a gamble.
    I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write and post this wonderful review.

  2. Glad you liked it! It was a good book.

  3. one of my favorite aspects of this story was the interaction with the heroine's boss at the bank --- the lady who everybody thought was 99 years old.

  4. Enjoyed reading this wonderful review AGAIN... after six years. THANKS.