Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anthology Release Day - Love and Diamonds

The Astraea Press Anthology, Love and Diamonds, has come out today and my story, The Engagement Ring, is inside. I'm buzzing with so much excitement. Maybe because my story is next to other stories by awesome, talented authors. My little story!

There are 15 stories altogether and they are varied and seem to have such different yet compelling hooks. I can't wait to get this book onto my Kindle / PC pronto to read the others.

Here are a few clues to what's inside. I can't cover them all but here are a few teasers to get you salivating:

1. There's a story about a poker game. Ooh, I love watching the mounting tension in a poker game. It's even more tense when feelings are simmering beneath the surface between players.

2. There's a story set in Africa. Being an African chick, I love reading books set in my home continent. It's about diamonds. All the stories are about diamonds. And love of course. But I think you may have figured that out already by the title.

3. There's a story about a writer being distracted by a guy who could end up being her story. Sounds fascinating.

4. I love the title of this one: Operation Rhombus. It's about a Math project and love.

5. Another is about an ex coming back, while engaged to someone else! to charm the heroine.

6. There's another one about a flood, another about school coaches finding romance and another about ....

They're all wonderful but I don't want to give it all away before you read it. Hope you do.

The little story I wrote has a special place in my heart. It's about a woman who gave her boyfriend back the ring after he proposed because she wasn't sure. This was inspired by my own story. I, blush, blush, did the same thing! He broke it up with her though. My boyfriend and now husband didn't. I decided to explore what would happen if Kevin hadn't stuck it out with me when I handed him the ring back. That exploration brought about "The Engagement Ring."

Here are links to buy the book: Astraea PressAmazon