Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring in Your Step Blog Hop with Candelight Reads

I'm taking part in the Spring in Your Step Blog Hop with Candlelight Reads blog. We're talking about Spring and what we like to do in my favourite season of the year.

First of all, just for your interest, we're not going into Spring here in South Africa where I live. Instead we are approaching Autumn or Fall although it hasn't hit us yet. The days are still balmy and sticky but a few leaves have started falling. The trees haven't turned orange, brown and red yet.

When Spring comes in September, I'm desperate for some warmth. We really are spoilt here. Our Winter is only about five months long but for me (who hates the cold), it's a long time. We don't have heating in our homes so have to dress up warm even inside and it seems to drag on forever. How I love Spring. The flowers come out and brighten up our lives, banishing away the dry, brown deadness of everything. Spring has a certain smell. My daughter and I can always smell when it has arrived. We usually go outside into our yard and pick fresh flowers to put in a vase for the kitchen table. We also watch our Chinese mulberry tree. We know Spring has arrived when it starts getting bright green leaves. Spring is in full force when the leaves have filled up the branches and the mulberries start appearing. In Spring in 2012, there were so many mulberries that it filled up bowls and blanketed the ground with purple. Spring 2013, we started our first vegetable garden and with the plentiful rains, the courgettes flourished. Here's a pic of my daughter with one of our smaller courgettes (zucchinis):

For the blog hop, I'm going to give away a PDF copy of Wedding Gown Girl to a lucky commenter. Please put your email address in the comments section below so you can receive your prize. The reason I chose my debut novel is because some of the book is set during Spring. Kienna has a Spring personality - she's fresh, innocent and likes wearing pastel colours - the colours of Spring.

Here's a link to my book to see what it's about: Amazon


  1. like the flowers

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  2. Ooh, this book sounds great. I love it when it starts to get warmer too, I really don't like being cold. Thanks for the great giveaway.
    jen dot barnard at btintetnet dot com

    1. I managed to spell my own email address wrong, oops.
      jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

  3. The book sounds good! And have fun going into the fall! :P.
    Sunitrema (at) outlook (dot) com

  4. I can definitely relate with a currently balmy weather. I live in the Philippines—here, it's either warm or extremely warm. :D I would have loved spring if we had it. It's just so fun watching and hearing people get so much livelier, and I love the beautiful, colourful scenery photos.

    Thank you for the chance to read your book. It sounds sweet and interesting.

    kanoko.han @

  5. Congratulations to Brooke1555 for winning Wedding Gown Girl. Thanks for all the comments.