Friday, May 19, 2017

Africa Online Book Fair Interview of Jayne Bauling

Today I want to welcome fellow South African writer, Jayne Bauling, who is being interviewed for the African Online Book Fair Blog Tour.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m a fourth-generation South African on my father’s side, and grew up in Johannesburg, but now live in White River in Mpumalanga. I was fortunate to begin my writing career with 17 novels published by Mills & Boon in the UK, so I learned from some of the best editors in publishing, which served me well when I moved on to writing for the YA market.

What do you enjoy about being an author? 
What I love best is being able to share with others the characters, emotions and plots that spring into my head. Writing really is about sharing.

What type of romance stories do you write? And why? 
These days, although my teenage characters face some fairly harsh social challenges, there is always a tender relationship contained within the story.

Favorite place in Africa? 
Kruger Park, and I’m lucky to live within half an hour’s drive of this beautiful place, so I can drop in for a morning or a day when I feel the need to leave the world and its demands behind. I love the thrill of sighting animals and birds in the wild, but even if I don’t see much, just being in the bush restores and refreshes me.

Why do you think African romance authors and stories set on the continent are important?
The prime reason is that readers love characters and settings they can identify with, but there is also the fact that Africa is a vast continent, encompassing many cultures, and the more we learn about our similarities and differences, the more we will understand each other.

Do you think romance stories set in Africa & Africans vital to the publishing industry? If yes/no, why do you say so?
I want to believe that African romances will become increasingly important to the publishing industry because, in more and more  African countries, there is an increasing love of and demand for all genres of African fiction.

What traditional food do you love, that one can only find in Africa? (Provide picture, if possible) 
Bobotie came to South Africa centuries ago, so I believe it counts. I like the contrast of curried meat or fish, and the topping of a baked custard; of course it must be served with yellow rice cooked with raisins. Little side dishes of sliced banana, coconut, and maybe some chutney complement the dish perfectly. I love the mix of curry and sweetness.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Africa Online Book Fair

Something new and exciting has arrived - the Africa Online Book Fair.

The Africa Online Book Fair: Romance Authors & Books is a weekend event, featuring 13 authors and 1 interview with an aspiring romance author. Each day, the fair will host a certain amount of authors who will showcase their books and who they are.

The online book fair takes place on Facebook. Here’s a link to the event page.

Readers, you can come and go as you please since you don’t have to pay a ticket to enter or register. So come and meet your next favorite author! We’ll have discounted and free books, play games, and you can win Amazon Gift Cards. Get a little bit closer to authors you want to chat within real time and generally see what Africa’s got to offer for your romance taste buds.

There will be a Scavenger Hunt that you can enter and stand a chance to win a prize. You’ll have to go to every author’s post (booth) at the event and hunt for the number each author has “hidden” in one of their posts. At the end of the weekend you need to add up the amount and inbox co-host Kathy Bosman with your answer and she’ll draw a winner.

We are also running a signup for our Newsletters Competition that will start running with the Africa Online Book Fair Blog Tour from 17th to 31st May. You could win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Sign up for as many newsletters as you want; each one is an entry:

The Winner will be announced after the fair.

Attending the online book fair is straightforward, especially for readers who’ve attended Facebook book parties, but also for readers who use the social network site daily. All you need to do is go to our Event and click “Going.” It’s that easy!

The online book fair is for romance authors who are from Africa and authors who write romances set in Africa.

And don’t forget to invite your friends! Also join the group if you want updates on future book fairs from us.

Hope you have lots of fun and discover awesome reads.

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