Friday, November 10, 2017


I don't know if you've ever watched a movie or series and it's deeply impacted you in some way. Well, I couldn't keep quiet about the BBC Merlin series any longer. Last night, we watched the final two episodes of the series. I was deeply emotional for hours afterwards. This series is seriously one of the best things I have ever watched. It comes on par with the Harry Potter books (because although watching the Harry Potter movies was great, I already knew what was going to happen). 

The series is about a young man, Merlin, who takes on the position as servant of Prince Arthur. He's a sorcerer and magic is forbidden in the land. Sorcerers are punished with the death sentence, so Merlin must keep his magical abilities, given to him from birth, a secret. But he certainly uses them constantly (and somehow secretly) to save Arthur's life because he believes Arthur will bring peace and prosperity to Camelot one day.

Please proceed with caution due to possible spoilers:

Firstly, there is a strong "gospel" message in the story. King Arthur epitomises the true and just king who wants to bring peace into the world. He often shows mercy to people who don't deserve it and he often chooses peace over war. His willingness to give his life for his people shows the true heart of God. I wouldn't say he always does it as he is human and flawed, but the contrast between him and his father Uther remind me of the fundamentalist view of God as opposed to the Christ-like view of a loving God who never sends people to eternal hell or kills whole nations, as some people interpret from the Bible. Merlin is also a lot like Jesus - the most powerful sorcerer (miracle-worker) who ever lived, but the one with the true servant's heart who never wants any credit for the many times he saves the lives of others. 

Secondly, they somehow got me so invested in the character and stories that I can't stop thinking about it and I became deeply attached to the characters. That is the mark of a true story - brilliantly crafted, where you are taken into their world and feel like you're a part of it. I have not seen anything like it on TV.

The inner character and metal of the main characters are great for young people to watch (and also adults) to show us what a true hero looks like. It's feel-good, moral, and yet real and funny at the same time.

I think they chose great actors for the series. I just love Merlin. I love Colin Morgan - the very Irish young man they chose for the part. What I like is he looks like a real everyday person and not a Hollywood cut-out doll. Oh, and those piercing blue eyes that look right into your soul!! Arthur is cute as a button, and Bradley James suits the part perfectly. I love the chemistry between Arthur and Merlin. I think the fact that the two actors were good friends helped bring that chemistry into the show. They really worked well together. I love that they chose a lady of colour for Guinevere. And Angel (yes, that's her name) is perfect for the role. And who doesn't love a cleverly thought-up villain (or should we say villainness?) Morgana had her reasons for turning bad and although not excusable, we see the pain that has brought her to that point.

I highly recommend you watch the series. It's long, but you won't regret it. If you're a fantasy nut like me and obsessed with dragons and magic (like me) you won't be disappointed. 😊

If you want to learn more about the series and see a few pics, this is a good article:

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