Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cat Therapy Hook - #MFRWHooks

Every Wednesday, Marketing for Romance Writers holds a book hooks blog hop. I decided to take part this week to show some love to my book and other authors too.

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So, what hook am I going to use? That's a hard one.

Well, one of the biggest themes threading through my book, Cat Therapy, is cats. We are on Level 3 Lockdown in our country. That means we can do most things but we're still not allowed to have social gatherings. So, we're still kind of isolated. The other thing is it's a cold winter for us here in South Africa. Our cats become extra-friendly in this weather. They lie on our laps, purr, knead, burrow under our blankets. And they provide the healing, love, and comfort and companionship we really need at this time. My kids and I have been loving our two cats. They've even become more tolerant of one another. They normally avoid each other, but due to the cold, have been quite happy to lie quite close. That's a miracle in itself.
They also like lying in a sun spot - my daughter took this pic and darkened out the background.

Cat Therapy is about a woman who has tapped into the healing potential and power of cat love for hurting humans. She is brave enough to open up a bed and breakfast facility so guests can avail of the love of cats. But in the process, she has to choose between her feelings for the handsome yet interfering new vet and the gentle and comfortable widow whose son needs Cat Therapy.

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  1. There's something inherently comforting about a purring cat in your lap--especially when it's cold out! The photo your daughter took is amazing.

  2. If you love cats, it sounds like this is the book for you! What a great idea.
    (Dee S. Knight)

  3. There's little more soothing to the spirit than a cat in your lap purring with content.

  4. A purring cat can always lift your spirits. Your book sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aww, the premise is so cute!

  6. I know when I'm down, having my cat sit with me helps. Very interesting premise!