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Falling Even Deeper - 30 Days of More Self-Love

Loving yourself isn't always easy. Once the honeymoon stage of falling in love with yourself is over, you have to dig deeper to keep the love alive and strong. When life bombards you from all sides, and your self-love gets tested, sometimes you don't know where to turn. What if difficult circumstances and others' opinions of you make you doubt your worth and beauty?

Falling Even Deeper is a 31-day devotional with snippets of wisdom and nuggets of love to help you deepen your self-love relationship. Each day covers a new topic and shows you ways to confront your shadow side - the part of you that you don't like or wish to ignore. It's done with gentleness and kindness and enhanced by real-life examples and daily affirmations to build a deeper and more solid and grounded love-relationship with yourself.

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Falling in Love with Me - 30 Days of Self-Love

Do you struggle to like yourself? Do you battle with negative thoughts about your body, your worth, or your personality? Do you wish you were like someone else? What if you could learn to love yourself? Falling in Love with Me is a book full of nuggets of wisdom on how to love yourself, even if the world keeps on telling you otherwise. In thirty days, you can grow your self-love muscle and change the way you speak to yourself in your head. And maybe become a more peace-filled and happy person.

Falling in Love with Me is written in a casual, intimate style without the clutter of academic jargon and multiple exercises and worksheets. It's a self-love book that can be read as your daily companion. Each day's write-ups are short and sweet but pack a punch in whispering those loving thoughts right in your ear, like a dear best friend who always has your back. Born out of grief, this book shows a way to heal your broken heart and bring you back to love.

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Beautiful Hearts
Contemporary Romance
(Used to be called Cosmetic Heart)

Lisa is petrified, but can't resist saying yes to her boss, Dan Loriet, the handsome but fierce Editor in Chief at Prominence Magazine. He wants her to pose as his fiancee for a New Years' bash at his family's. In return, she may be able to get the promotion she's dreamed of. Turns out Dan's family is the family she's always dreamed of being a part of, and he's not so bad himself, when she gets to know him beneath the strict boss persona. But Lisa has a secret Dan mustn't discover and has several of her own inner demons to conquer. Dan has always been a player. Can he settle down with one woman, no matter how much she fascinates him? They just can't be a couple, no matter how beautiful their hearts are. There is too much pitched against them.

Beautiful Hearts is a refurbished version of Cosmetic Heart. It's free on Wattpad here.

Angeline 43
Urban Fantasy

Essa sprouts wings on her back whenever she suffers the deepest grief. The love of her life has just left her without a solid reason. She’s flung into the depths of sorrow, unable to deal with her grief and the added stress of wings on her back which only she can see. She has to get out her apartment so she takes a walk along the streets of Boston at night.

Much to her surprise, her wings come to life when she finds herself fighting against an evil spirit set on destroying a man’s life. By pure instinct and a special light within her, she saves his life and is flung into a whole new world. Suddenly, she’s an angeline, a hybrid human/angel, and she’s part of a team of warriors who need to save the city of Boston. And they’re all depending on her, as she’s the only one with wings.

But is Essa ready for the evil that awaits her? And can she really fight a battle when her heart is filled with pain?

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Love's Gentle Wish
The Album 4 - Andrea's Story
Contemporary, Fantasy Romance

Carol has stashed The Album into Andrea Reave's handbag, much to Andrea's dismay. The magic scares her so she promptly ignores the artefact. Andrea is not in a good place. Instead of the promotion she’s been working toward for years, she’s been let off and is now without work. When she’s offered two part-time jobs, she has no option but to take them. Pity the one job means she will have to confront the very thing that makes her fear losing control - magic. Now, she’ll have to work with other people who’ve encountered magic first-hand. And it turns out, the woman she will work with has a cute son, just the type of guy she wouldn’t go for, but one she can’t ignore. Enter artist Trent Dublin, casual as anything, and too jolly chivalrous for his own good.

But too many things stand in Andrea's way. Just as she's afraid of magic, so she's wary of love. And she has a new person to look after who needs all her attention.

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The Magic of Love
The Album 3 - Carol's Story
Contemporary, Fantasy Romance

Carol is frantic as her ordered life has been flung into chaos. Pauline passed The Album onto her but it’s disappeared. She’s the one who’s looked forward to the magic the most; now she can't even use it. To top it off, she realises her boyfriend, Cliff, has disappeared with The Album. The sense of betrayal leaves her reeling.

She hires private investigator, Darryn, to help her find her missing treasure. Shocked at her inexplicable attraction to the man after coming out of a serious relationship, she’s reluctant to fly with him to Canada in search of the stolen artefact, but her need to find The Album burns strong.

In Canada, they soon discover that not only has Cliff stolen The Album, but also magic antiques belonging to other people from South Africa. They soon recover the artefact but, much to Carol’s disappointment, the magic is broken. Carol needs answers and is also burning to help the other antique owners - even if it means leaving her successful career and working with Darryn who has his own issues from his past.

How can Carol still have feelings for a man who keeps on breaking her heart? And will she fix the magic? Once again, The Album's magic works in mysterious ways.

Love Finds a Way
The Album 2 - Pauline's Story
Contemporary, Fantasy Romance

When Ella hands over The Album to Pauline, the young food blogger is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime—she’s been chosen as a contestant in The Culinary Dream, a TV cooking competition. Pauline takes The Album with her to Italy where the filming is to take place and meets food photographer, Xaden, the brother of the man who ripped out her heart and put her off relationships for a long time.

To her dismay, she gets eliminated from the competition on the first round. Humiliated and determined not to be pitied by her friends and family, she decides to stay behind in Italy for a holiday as well as blog about her restaurant experiences in the exotic European country.

Xaden won't leave her alone and proves to be a friend in a time of need but when he kisses her, she pushes him away, afraid he’ll hurt her like his brother did. The TV series offers her a job as the editor of the food magazine and she is to work alongside the very man she wishes to avoid. Forced to be with the man she can't resist but whom her instincts tell her she can't trust, Pauline is in for an emotional roller-coaster ride with The Album as her companion and guide.

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Looking for Love
The Album 1 - Ella's Story
Contemporary, Fantasy Romance

When Ella Haviland inherits a magic antique photo album that reveals the future of potential couples, she starts a part-time matchmaking business with the help of her three best friends. It's always been her dream to help people find love. But finding true love herself isn't in her plans — even when her best guy friend Ross confesses he's fallen for her. Friendship and love equals recipe for disaster in her mind.

Ross Mitchell is devastated that Ella doesn't want more from their relationship. He withdraws ... but maybe he should play along when Ella tries to matchmake him with a friend, just to make her jealous. He will do anything to make her notice him.

Through a series of adventures and happenings, Ella discovers that maybe The Album brings more than love and magic into the lives of the people it touches; it sprinkles its magic on hers. But can she find true love herself, or is there too much holding her back?

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It's Called Feng Shui
Contemporary, Small-town Romance

Renni has burned out from being on tour as the drummer of ‘Eat Your Words.’ When she visits Nolan’s spa at Block Island for a day, she impulsively applies for a position as the assistant massage therapist as a means to drop out of tour.

Nolan is taken aback by the woman in his office with pitch black hair and body piercings. He can’t imagine her working in his spa, but her persistence fascinates him so he gives her the job — on one condition — she gets rids of the excess piercings.

The attraction between Nolan and Renni is immediate despite being opposite personalities. Renni’s fresh energy and charm draws Nolan as does his intensity attract her. Finding they have a lot more in common than expected, they fall in love, but Nolan has a secret and Renni carries baggage from past hurt. Will they focus on their differences or the things that draw them close?

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Summer Hearts
Six Summer Tales of Sweet Romance

Every Summer Has a Love Story...Six Summer Tales of Sweet Romance that bring you the very best in Historical, Contemporary and Fantasy Romance. Sarah Daley, Carol Malone, Kathy Bosman, Debby Lee, Robyn Echols, and Lisa Watson weave stories of long days, sultry nights, sun-kissed beaches and sweet romance 

Dreaming in California: 
In the summer of 1967, Hollywood actress, Lucinda Baker, appears to have it all-- fame, money, and an all too doting fiancĂ©. Dark traits begin to emerge from the man she's pledged to marry, and he threatens her. Lucinda must now lean on her best friend, celebrity photographer, George Creston to escape the clutches of the dangerous relationship. Together they are forced to summon courage, and trust each other in desperate circumstances. Will they find love in the process or lose everything they hold dear, including their lives. 

A Summer of Stars: 
McKinley Graham has escaped to her summer getaway to regain her perspective and her health. Zane Davidson has taken refuge in the lovely seaside community, welcoming the healing balm of the salty sea air and his childhood home to mend his wounds. They aren’t looking for love, but their attraction is too explosive to ignore. Against the backdrop of starry nights and sultry kisses, they come to realize that even love may not be enough to save them from the angry storm of his past that threatens to destroy their dreams! 

Drowning Sandy: 
The water is calling... 
and Sandy can no longer resist the urge to unleash her mermaid form. But a simple swim in Lake Ontario ends when she discovers the truth of her own banishment. When long time crush, Alardo, seems to shift in a direction she never dreamed possible, Sandy must make a choice — mermaid or human? Once she chooses, she can never go back. 

Summer Holiday: 
In the summer of 1905, Lizzy Gordon’s father dismisses her desires to be a doctor, demanding she become a teacher—a profession which does not allow women to marry. 
Teacher Brent Pierce is dedicated to expanding young minds, but circumstances are forcing him to take over the family farm. 
Before the summer is over Lizzy and Brent will be forced to make hard decisions. Can they find the courage to each stand up for themselves and still be together? 

Shark Boss: 
When Tara takes up a job at the local aquarium, her colleagues warn her about their harsh boss, Mr. Carter Jones. She soon discovers how impatient he can be, but she also can’t deny her fascination and attraction to him. Carter can’t stop watching Tara as she works but holds back from her because of his secrets. If she knew what he was, she would never want him. Could the reason for Carter’s moods be related to something more troubling than what’s on the surface? Tara soon discovers Carter’s secret, and it only bonds them closer. But the curse starts to take over Carter’s life, and he won’t give his heart to a beautiful woman when he can only cause her pain. 

The Best Place to Meet a Man: 
Jeff goes to the beach to run and clear his head. Meredith goes to the beach intent on burying her nose in her book. In this contemporary romantic comedy, these two collide when Meredith’s two young nephews come up with other plans.

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A Better Promise
The Creators Book 3
Inspirational Romance

When Braedon hires shy and serious Alicia as a secretary in his furniture business, he falls for her instantly. Alicia admires Braedon for his kindness and warms up to him despite her decision not to. There’s just one problem—Alicia has plans to enter the mission field and follow her vow to remain single the rest of her life. When she takes up an offer to help teach the Basotho teenagers in Lesotho, things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Braedon soon gets wind of her troubles and joins her. But will Alicia open her heart to love or hold fast to her childhood pledge?

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“From the first pages, I was caught up in the lives of Alicia and Braedon, and following their journey to finding what God had intended for both their lives made for a wonderful and enjoyable read.” Ann E, Amazon Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are believable and it was easy to get caught up in the book. The book is well written. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian romance.” Marla, Amazon Reviewer

The Dance of the Firefly
The Creators Book 2
Contemporary Multicultural Romance

Mix together a beautiful ballerina and ballet teacher, a sexy single dad, and a precocious-yet-sweet daughter, and emotions run high. Add racial and cultural differences, work contracts coming to an end, and hurts and memories from the past and sparks fly.

Rowena loves to dance but has ended up teaching ballet instead. When she helps out Cameron’s difficult daughter, a bond develops between the two dancers. Cameron makes Rowena uncomfortable because he stirs up new, unwanted feelings which make no sense when he intends to leave Zambia soon when his contract ends.

Cameron can’t resist sanguine live-wire Rowena who makes his daughter smile for the first time in years. But can he risk his heart again when memories of his late wife come back to haunt him? And Rowena has a lot more at stake in giving her all.

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White Christmas Kiss
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Rachelle runs a little wedding chapel on the Coderica Passenger Liner. Two years on the passenger liner haven’t helped her find peace from past mistakes. Ray brings his girlfriend on the Coderica’s grand cruise to Europe. When his plans to marry her in the little chapel go horribly wrong and the relationship fails, Ray and Rachelle are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Romance blossoms in Europe, culminating on Christmas Day. But the cruise ends and Rachelle isn’t sure she’s ready to leave the Coderica with Ray. Will the memory of their white Christmas kiss be strong enough to bring them together forever?

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His Halloween Kisses
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Ali’s never been so scared. She’s housesitting for a colleague on Halloween night, but the lights have gone out, and terrible noises and crashes send her imagination into overdrive. When her brother’s friend comes to her rescue, he kisses her in the dark three times. Once back in the light, Ali is embarrassed at allowing him to kiss her. Byron tries to ignore his strong attraction for Ali, especially seeing he’s not ready for a relationship. When Ali finds out why, she runs away, but life has other plans. What can bring them together? Fate, faith, or the memory of his Halloween kisses?

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Autumn's Anthology
Romance Anthology of Short Stories Set in Autumn/Fall

Love And Diamonds is a collection of romantic love stories for Valentine's Day by fifteen of some of the best Astraea Press Authors. So sit back, relax and fall in love all over again. 
Here is a listing of the contributing authors in alphabetical order: Kathy Bosman, Liz Botts, Kristine Cheney, Sherry Gloag, Jennifer Gravely, Heather Gray, Patricia Kiyono, Zanna Mackenzie, Kelly Martin, Brenda Maxfield, Amy Mullen, Vivian Roycraft, J. L. Salter, E. A. West and Nicole Zoltack.

A blurb of my story in the book: Rosalee finds an engagement ring in a pocket at the dry cleaner where she works. The ring looks just like the one she returned after accepting her boyfriend’s proposal a year earlier. She still regrets giving it back to Sam especially after he broke her heart and left. Unable to resist, she tries on the ring but can’t get it off. She has to find the owner and explain herself. What will she say?

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Love and Diamonds Valentine Anthology
Romance Anthology of Short Stories

Love And Diamonds is a collection of romantic love stories for Valentine's Day by fifteen of some of the best Astraea Press Authors. So sit back, relax and fall in love all over again. 
Here is a listing of the contributing authors in alphabetical order: Kathy Bosman, Liz Botts, Kristine Cheney, Sherry Gloag, Jennifer Gravely, Heather Gray, Patricia Kiyono, Zanna Mackenzie, Kelly Martin, Brenda Maxfield, Amy Mullen, Vivian Roycraft, J. L. Salter, E. A. West and Nicole Zoltack.

A blurb of my story in the book: Rosalee finds an engagement ring in a pocket at the dry cleaner where she works. The ring looks just like the one she returned after accepting her boyfriend’s proposal a year earlier. She still regrets giving it back to Sam especially after he broke her heart and left. Unable to resist, she tries on the ring but can’t get it off. She has to find the owner and explain herself. What will she say?

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Three Tiers for Win
Contemporary Romance

Three Tiers for Win is a story of adventure, romance, and family passion that unfolds with the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. Elaine said she would never date an athlete as they’re too driven. That’s until she meets kind, yet intensely focused and ambitious South African Olympic swimmer, Winston Harper. He stands for everything she’d chosen not to go for. Win also has a bad family history which keeps him from opening his heart to her. When intense attraction and affection breaks through some of their barriers, family secrets and conflicts pull them apart again. Only Elaine’s support and Win’s brokenness can draw them back together, but will that be strong enough to wipe away the past?

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“The author crafted memorable and realistic characters that were both easily likeable and easy to connect with. I loved the Olympic backdrop and stunning description, the author truly placed me front and center for all the action.”
 Desere Steenberg – Contemporary Romance Reviews

"Ms. Bosman has a way with words, timeframe, environment, and flow of a story to make this a book you want to read in one sitting." Coffee Time Romance

Dragonfly Moments
The Creators Book 1
Contemporary Romance

A young woman’s first love walks back into her life at the worst time possible—she is about to start a family with another man. But when her dreams begin to crumble, which one will be there to help her pick up the pieces?

Seven years earlier, at university, Tessa Calitz wrote a letter to Ryan le Roux promising her undying love. As time passed, she forgot about that letter...but not Ryan, who clung to the hope that she would wait for him.

Such is not the case when he walks back into her life. Tessa is in a serious relationship, and is busy setting up her art gallery in Johannesburg. She has plans to start a family, and the arrival of Ryan into her life throws her for a spin.

He is the worst thing that could happen to her dream of stability and starting a family...or is he?

Because when her relationship and everything she clung to starts to crumble, Ryan is right beside her to inspire her to greater things.

But her obsession for having her own child pushes Ryan away when she falls in love with an orphaned HIV-positive baby.

What can Ryan do to make Tessa realize that being with him is what her heart has longed for all along?

“Thank you to Kathy Bosman for creating a wonderful story that touched my heart deeply. This story is about first love returning to a woman's life when she least expects it and when she believes she doesn't want or need it. This story had me crying from about half way through.
 Sarah – Sarah Says Read Romance

 “This book is surely one among the best romance novels that I've ever read.
 Tista Ray – Goodreads Reader

Reminding Me of You
Second Edition
Contemporary Romance

Mia wasn’t planning to fall in love with a mysterious stranger called Luke the day before she left for a new life in London. She also didn’t expect every tall, dark stranger to remind her of him, including his look-a-like, Bryn, who comes into her work one day. Unable to make contact with Luke, she instead has a fling with Bryn who understands how it feels to have a love you can’t reach. Once she finds Luke, will Mia’s memories bring them together or force them apart?

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“Reminding Me of You is such a sweet love story, I enjoyed every word.
April – Goodreads Reader

“This was a good book in my opinion. I had no problem getting into the storyline even though it was a short read. I liked Mia the main character the most. I found myself rooting for Bryn throughout the story. This is a great book for a rainy day.”
Billie Jo – Book Referees

“This is a short sweet clean romance.
Donna – More Than a Review

Wedding Gown Girl
Contemporary Romance

Kienna loves dressing up her clients in beautiful gowns at the bridal shop where she works. When Blake comes in with his fiancée to help her choose a gown, Kienna discovers that he is about to make a terrible mistake in marrying her. She has to warn him, but Blake ignores her, until he is jilted at the altar.

Blake starts to pursue Kienna, but she holds back, believing he’s on the rebound, yet all the time fighting her attraction to him. Kienna isn’t ready for love either because of memories from her bitter divorce.

Will they find healing in each other’s arms or more hurt for their wounded hearts?

“This is a sweet and heartwarming story about finding love when you no longer believe in it. I loved the emotion in this story and seeing Kienna finally learn to love again. The story really makes you believe in the power of love. Kienna is a sweet, but disillusioned woman. I liked her and was glad to see her grow as a person throughout the story. She is one of those characters that you could see yourself becoming friends with.”
Katy Cody – Curse of the Bibliophile

“The characters were all colorful and this story only produces a "gentle and tender romance that touches the heart with its' honesty." Be ready for a good read. Would I recommend this read? Yes!”
Arlena Dean – Goodreads Reader and Blogger

If you want a romance that will have you exclaiming "Oh sweet!" this is the one for you.
Yolande – Goodreads Reader


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